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By spinnin_wheel On 03/15/04  

Hello all!
I am entering into a new endeavor that I am very excited about, and I wanted to know if any of you were interested.
My friend and I are going to sublet a storefront in Chicago somewhere and do nothing to it, go in and create a buzz and sell the crap out of our wares gurilla style for a month or two and then be gone.
Our work is high design one of a kinds, so we would be targeting the artistic set.
There have been people in Berlin and London and Paris that have been very sucessful with it, and I think it could work here in the states.
I think that the secret to it is to create a buzz.
Anybody have any feeback?
Do you want in?
Send me some pictures at

By cinnachick On 03/15/04  

Definitely keep me posted. I write for and this is right up our alley. I could possibly write a longer featurey bit on you. I'll ask the editor what he thinks. I'm interested in selling. My website will be up April 1 and then I'll give you the link to all my purses. Cool idea! Congratulations.

By swank On 03/17/04  

I would definitely be interested in finding out more info. I'm going to send you a separate e-mail as well.

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