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By Chele75 On 03/15/04  

I thought it would be useful to have a thread where fellow Torontionians can ask where to find anything & everything in our great city.

So here we go....

Does any one know where I might find Chili Pepper Lights? I'm not having much luck.



By geemers On 03/16/04  

My sister got some I believe from a little store on queen a few years back. I'll ask her if she remembers the name &/or location of it.

By miche_chan On 03/16/04  

In Kensington, there's a hair salon called Shampoo and it has a little store front that sells lots of cool things. It's on St. Andrew Street. They have them.

You could also try Urban Outfitters.

By Chele75 On 03/16/04  

Thanks so much!

By coldsnap On 03/16/04  

You could also try the It Store on Danforth, near Logan (I think).

Shampoo actually shut down the store part of the operation and is now just a salon...

By miche_chan On 03/17/04  

Dag! Really? I was just there a couple of weeks ago! I was going to buy some cute cowgirl shooter glasses too...

By indiegurl On 03/17/04  

sorry this is a little off-topic but:
has anyone around here had their hair done at shampoo? i'm looking for a good place to get my hair dyed. i get my hair cut at c. bizarre but i find that it's a bit too expensive for colouring. any other recommendations around the city? (i'm too much of a scaredy cat to do it myself).

By Chele75 On 03/17/04  

I would also love to know of a place to get my hair cut and colored. Why does it have to be so damn expensive?

By little edie On 03/17/04  

I have been happy with John Steinberg and Associates at King and Portland. It can be about the same price as Coupe Bizarre, $45-50ish (cut only, I don't know about colour), depending on which stylist you choose. Nicki is the one that I have gone to a few times and she has been great, that is her price range.

By coldsnap On 03/17/04  

I get my hair cut by Nicole @ Shampoo and I really like her. I too used to go to Coupe, but they're expensive and I just kinda got bored with them...

By melmelon On 03/17/04  

This probably isnt too helpful, but my gf used to get her hair done at some beauty school...Marvel? I think? I seem to remember it being near Parliment..and what.....I help what-so-ever...but they did a not too bad job for a not too bad maybe check into having it done at a school.

By myrrh On 03/18/04  

I've heard good things about Pretty Eclectic @ Queen & Portland.

By aspiring On 03/18/04  

Hey Krissy, I agree with Melmelon about going to a student stylist. Vidal Sassoon has a student clinic of some kind. I imagine they are well trained and closely supervised so nothing dreadful can happen to your lovely locks.

I also heard that Coupe Bizzarre has a student clinic too, but I don't know anything for sure. I'm hooked on Jimi at Coupe Bizzarre, but yeah, so expensive!

By miche_chan On 03/19/04  

Ooh!Ooh! Go to Lid Lounge! I completely adore it and when I had huge-er hair they cut it and sometimes put colour in it for s&g. They're on Church, just south of Queen.
Dean, who I usually go to used to work for Coupe Bizarre many moons ago then left and setup his own shop with his partner, Sunil. I think they tag-team with CB do to Fashion Cares, Northbound Balls, etc. The best part is that on average, LL is about half the price of CB.
If you can't get in to see Dean, Emma also does great colour and when she washes your hair, it is *actually* orgasmic. It doesn't hurt that she's pretty foxy too (hubba-hubba!).


By wingnut1 On 03/19/04  

Nicole at Shampoo is awesome.

Okay, so my question is this: where can i find iron-on letters? the only place i've found them is at Walmart (ugh). thanks.

By miche_chan On 03/20/04  

I'm in on the iron-on letters too. I can only find them at Walmart. I've even checked the Michael's in Cambridge. No can do. You can buy embroidered-type letters in different styles and sizes at this ribbon store on Queen West near Spadina, and I think some of them can be heat-applied. But I would tack them in a couple of places, just to be sure.

By coldsnap On 03/21/04  

the Shop on queen, west of dufferin for a $10 sheet of letters

also...would anyone know where one might find linen thread aside from the Japanese Paper Place? I know the stuff I get there is really super quality, but it's $60 a spool and that's just kinda rediculous when I'm not making little-to-nothing on the books I make with it...

By coldsnap On 03/28/04  

*bump* I just added a "where do i..."

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