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By Peachy On 03/15/04  

Hi, I had my baby a week ago Saturday, March 6th. Hurray!! However, now I'm feeling somewhat housebound and the thought of taking the baby out terrifies me. It seems like there is so much gear involved and what if he starts to cry, needs a diaper change or wants to nurse while I'm walking down the street or in the middle of the supermarket check-out line??? So I'm wondering how other moms have dealt with this because I'm feeling really overwhelmed about the whole thing.

Thank you!

By looloo On 03/15/04  

don't pack up the nursery. Plan a short trip (trust me, you will thank me later) like a quick grocery store visit.

Make sure baby eats first and go during regular down time, like if he takes a nap at a certain time go then.

as far as what to pack goes, grab one of the smaller diaper bags that you have and put a couple of diapers, a few wipes (before I finally broke down and bought a portable wipes box I would just use a ziplock baggie.) a receiving blanket and/or towel to throw over you just in case he does get the munchies..

of course make sure he is dressed appropriately, babies are chillier than we are, so if you are cold bundle him up.

If the baby starts crying in the check out line you can probably calm him down on your own with cuddles or something that you have found that works...and of course you can leave at any time! Don't be afraid to just grab baby and go!

But, now that I wrote all of this, are you sure you want him in such a public space at only 1 week? Maybe you can take him for a walk around the block?

By Peachy On 03/15/04  

Actually, that was part 2 of my question...which I forgot to type. How long does one usually wait before they take their baby out? Being flu season and all I don't want him to catch anything. I live in a really desolate woodsy area so walks are not an option unless I pack him up and drive into town.

By looloo On 03/15/04  

the Dr. usually likes you to wait 2 weeks. You can call the pediatrician and see what they say.

By jennymeg On 03/15/04  

My doctor didn't tell me to wait at all, and my daughter was never ever sick. Mainly we took her out to relatives' houses - small get-together, party-type things. Like St. Patrick's Day. My daughter's birthday was 3/7, so you can imagine. The food was great and everyone wanted to see her. I never really get the germ paranoia. They have to get exposed sometime. I mean, not people coughing all over them, but just normal outings. We carried a backpack-style diaper bag, too.

I wouldn't worry about it. I'm having another baby REAL soon (like in a few days - heh), and I'm not going to worry about it either. I can't. I am firmly implanted in this mother-gig and I have to do things like pick up my daughter from school 3 days a week.

By melmelon On 03/16/04  

First off....congratulations momma!!! looloo has lots of good advice..make those first few trips short and sweet..maybe just going outside for a walk would be the best way to get into the swing of it. I remember when my first daughter was new, I was so freaked out when I had to go get gas and I didnt have cash to go to the full serve....anyway....whats worked for me so far is the baby awful stroller to bugger around with and baby is nice and even works for nursing. I hate the whole diaper bag my whole purse buying specifications have been that 2-4 diapers mustfit and the wipes, and if you are nursing your baby wont need too much else if you are just going out for an hour.
And I know this may sound a little oversimplistic, but if your baby needs/wants to nurse in public...just do it!!! It takes a bit of practice to walk and feed...but its better than listening to your baby cry....and if your baby cries in a public place...dont worry about it or what other nosey people will say/think..just trust yourself. You've just had a baby, you can do ANYTHING!!!

By luci_mama On 03/16/04  

I think we still are in RSV season, which is a time when brand-new babies are at special risk:

If I were you (and I have been, twice!), I'd stay home and get friends and family to come to YOU, bring you gifties, take care of you!

In some cultures, the baby doesn't leave the house for six weeks or more. If you're feeling housebound already, maybe some techniques to help you feel happier at home -- maybe do a little crafting? Work on the baby book? Surf the 'net? Cook something yummy? Eat bon bons and watch soaps?

Hell, all I wanted to do was SLEEP when #2 came along! And with baby #1 I was recovering from a c/section, temporarily living with my in-laws for six weeks so I wouldn't have to climb stairs ... oh yeah, now I remember cabin fever!

Anyway, if you take the baby out, try to wear him in a sling so people are less likely to touch him or want to pick him up -- when he's so tiny, he really is at risk for colds, and people in public places are veritable germfests. If anyone wants to touch him, tell them your doctor insists they go wash their hands first (that'll keep them away).

If he cries, nurse him! Chances are, that's what he'll want, either for food/drink or for emotional closeness. Remember, everything in the universe outside of your uterus is new to him! Some babies get overwhelmed easily. He can't even see very well yet -- it's best to keep him bundled close to you, anyway, so he feels safe and warm.
As for gear, that's been well-answered here already. I'll just add, give yourself time at home to get used to nursing comfortably and changing diapers so it won't seem like such a huge deal to do it elsewhere. (Do you have a sling, and have you figured out how to nurse him in it? That's a GREAT thing to own, if you're feeling at all shy about nursing in public!) Once you're accustomed to changing him on the changing table, practice changing him next to you on the couch, on the kitchen table (make sure you put down a big blanket or something so you don't leak poo where you eat!), on the floor ... when you do go out eventually, you don't know where you might end up having to change him. Balancing him on your lap as you sit on the toilet is not an unknown possibility! I'm not trying to scare you, just warn you to be prepared!


Oh, and P.S. CONGRATULATIONS! You're a Mom now! Enjoy your babymoon! What's your baby's name? Is he impossibly adorable?

By Peachy On 03/17/04  

Thanks for all the good advice...I appreciate it. Oh, and my baby's name is Gianni and of course he is the sweetest thing around.

My friend came over the other day with a sling and showed me how to use it. It's really great, I can't believe how cozy he is in it.

I'm just getting used to being a mom, it's hard for me to accept all the help people are offering right now and just taking it easy and trying to catch sleep where and when I can. I've been independent my entire life up until now so this is a little scary. But I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I love the little guy more every day.

By luci_mama On 03/17/04  

Oh sweetie, if you're thinking it's hard to accept gifts/help from others, think of it as a requirement for good parenting. It's for Gianni's good that you're accepting help -- it is! NOBODY can parent alone, and I think it's a whale of a lot bigger job than even two parents can do.

Glad you're enjoying the sling. It's the single most important baby accessory I know of ... next to diapers! ;)

Keep on babymooning!

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