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By paperdreams On 03/13/04  

I am going to register another domain name (for my own work). I won't have a shopping cart to begin with so it will be simple. Anyone have recommendations for a good, cheap registration service/host that maybe includes a little web space in the deal?

By ksue On 03/13/04  

I've registered my various domains with - I use someone local for hosting, but I know that registration and parking are cheep with them....


By paperdreams On 03/13/04  

thanks-looks great!

By InHarmsWay On 03/13/04  

I second

By ursonate On 03/13/04  

I use Dotster for registration.

By ookpik On 03/15/04  

i usually go straight to verisign for registration, but many hosts will give you a deal on registration so it is worth choosing a host first, in case registration is included in their package.

i love lots of space and bandwidth with a ton of very reliable features for cheap (newsletter, unlimited email addresses, quicktime streaming, etc), and they include a free year of registration with their hosting packages.


By idared On 03/15/04 - they are cheap, reliable and quick.

By amigarabita On 03/24/04  

cici, colby will do it for wicked super cheap. why don't you ever call us for this? i'm e-mailing you fool!

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