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By CraftyChicaAZ On 03/12/04  

Ok, I can't go into specific details until May 1st, but I can't hold this in anymore!!!

This week Patrick and I got contracted to create two home accessory lines for a major chain of stores! The roll out is across the country in 1,000 stores at the beginning of May. Then we do two new lines of products following that.

This, by far, is the biggest thing we've ever had happen to us as forever-struggling artists! We had an agent negotiate the deal and I learned soooo much about what all is involved - all the little hidden things you would never think of.

They found us through our chicano pop art web site. It just proves to keep on doing what you are doing, believe in YOU and the wonderful stuff you make. It sounds corny but Jiminey Cricket had it right: Dreams really do come true!

Craft on chicas, craft on!

By Mona Mew On 03/12/04  

Wow, congratulations! I am very happy for you both. :oD

By plainmabel On 03/12/04  

That's *awesome*!! Congrats! I can't wait till we get to hear more info. I'm trying to think of what companies have that many stores -- and I know what company I *hope* it is but I'll keep my lip zipped! :)

By Faith On 03/13/04  

Yay!!! Congrats to you :)

As soon as you can, you have to let us know where we can buy your stuff...

By funkyutopia On 03/13/04  

That is incredible Kathy!! Congratulations to you and Patrick!! Keep us posted as things wind out. Thanks for the inspiring words... keep on craftin on!!

By crumpet On 03/13/04  

wow! congratulations! :D :D :D

By amphoteric On 03/13/04  

congratulations! that sounds like fabulous. :D


By paperdreams On 03/13/04  

That is so wonderful! Congratulations. I can't wait to hear more!

By ksue On 03/13/04  

YAY!!! That is so fabulous! Congratulations!

Can't wait to hear updates as things progress!


By InHarmsWay On 03/13/04  

That's so great to hear! Congratulations! It gives me renewed hope that all I do is not in vain.

Yeah to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By annjuhlee On 03/13/04  

Just AWESOME!!! I can't wait to buy some of your stuff and tell everyone in the store about it!

By toetoe On 03/14/04  

Wow! That is so great! Congratulations!!

By copacetic On 03/14/04  

WHOO!!! :) That's *awesome*!!! congrats!!! :)

By bammie On 03/15/04  

that is so exciting!

In my head, I'm making my guess as to which store, so I can't wait for May 1 to come around!

By Gnome G On 03/15/04  

Wow!! Congratulations! You're such a crafting star! I was reading through the Sunday Tribune yesterday and your name showed up in an article about glue guns! =)

By spinnin_wheel On 03/15/04  

I can't wait to find out what the deal is!

By WildSnowflake On 03/16/04  

Congrats Kathy...

Care to drop us a hint? Like is it a chain that has hit NJ or the east coast?

: )

Craft on...

By CraftyChicaAZ On 03/19/04  

Ok I'm spilling!!

it's Lowe's Home Improvement Stores - we are designing a total of four lines of wallpaper borders and accessories for them. i don't want to give more specifics in fear some other manufacturers read this and jump on it - but those of you who know me, you know what we're all about. The first two lines lauch in May and the other two later in the summer. Patrick and I did all new exclusive drawings for them - they are sooooo cool! you will love them!! there are 10 items on each line and they'll be sold in all 1,000 stores.

i have to share this too - this stuff came as great news. recently i had a wedding book proposal go up to nine major publishing houses - the twist is it is aimed for the anti-fru fru brides. well, 7 of the 9 have passed so far. they all want martha-style.

i can't come close. *head hung down*

i expect the last two to pass on it as well. it was gonna be such a neat book! sniff!

so wallpaper it is, i'm very grateful :-)

By bammie On 03/20/04  

darnit, Lowes wasn't my first guess, not that it matters, but this is FABULOUS!

I hope someone picks up your wedding book proposal - someone published that anti-bride (not that I read it so I don't know how non-martha it is) book so there's hope!

By lushlife On 03/21/04  

Yay! I am super happy for you and your family.
I have used your site many times for direction and inspiration. And I am really not surprised that such good fortune has come your way. You guys deserve it!
And I wouldn't worry about the book. The right publisher will come along. The non frou frou
bride is a market that hasn't been tapped yet.

I can't wait to see the wallpapers and stuff!


By naturallysteph On 03/16/04  


By Anonymous_Jade On 03/18/04  


I tried to e-mail you last week, but I know you must get TONS of e-mails, and by the looks of your news congrads. I read your "Crafting for Cash" on this website and was inspired to look into doing the same thing. If you or anyone has any advice on what I should do, that would be OR Right now I'm in the Kindergarden stages, so any advice would be great!!


By DivineMsEm On 03/22/04  

I am so disappointed that there is NO Lowes in my area!! Boo...I really wanted to see your stuff in the store.

I am so happy for you and want to let you know that this gives me inspiration to keep on craftin'!!!!

By WildSnowflake On 03/23/04  

Lowe's... that's great!!!

In regards to the wedding book... have you tried publishers who haven't done this stuff in the past?

Because as a gal who is SOOOO not having a conventional wedding, I know that there is a niche for you


By SublimeStitcher On 03/23/04  

Oh, congratulations!!! Hey Chica, would you email me? I'd love to chat with you on the phone about similar such stuff.


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