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By noodletherapy On 03/12/04  

yo austin girlies --

i've been offered a ride last-minute down to austin from ny for sxsw and i think i'm gonna go.

if any of the crafty gals would get together with me, that would be lovely... i don't know anyone down there and may want to move there, so this is sort of a preliminary trial run.

thanks in advance -- email in profile or post here


By noodletherapy On 03/12/04  


because i can't decide whether to take this person up on their offer to give me a ride down or not, and knowing that i'll at least have some glitter gals to meet down there will help steer me towards going...

come on, austin posse.. where you at?

By sarahelizabeth On 03/13/04  

i'm in austin but i can't go. :(

rock out for me, please. and go see the spiders.

By stellarfluff On 03/13/04  

i just got back from austin and i LOVED it.. cool town.
sxsw is supposed to be massively crazy but fun i hear

By i sew vinyl On 03/13/04  

i usually can't swing a wristband, but there are tons of free events, day parties, etc. and the girlfriends and i have been compiling a list. austin is an oasis in tx and the hot season hasn't started yet, good time to visit!

i haven't made any meetings but i get emails... the stitch n'bitch group is meeting the 16th, austinglitterati are meeting March 24. not sure about the church of craft.

film fest is going on right now.

i sew vinyl

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