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By KittenCndy On 03/12/04  

Im thinking of creating an Indie Designer Shopping Guide. It will be like a catalog / magazine and in full color. Space won't be ads but in the form of editorials. For instance a description of you business, what you sell, photos, web address, street address etc. There'd also be some articles and such too. Ill hire some writers for that part to make it look as professional as possible. Editorial space would start at around $300 and range from 3/4 space to a full spread.

I would like to print and distribute 15,000 copies on my first go and hopefully do it on a quarterly basis. The mag would be distributed freely. I want to get a feel of how many designers Id have before I pursue it farther. How many people would be interested in more info?

By bammie On 03/12/04  

where and how are you distributing the 15,000 copies?

By KittenCndy On 03/12/04  

I want it to be free. Ill have a subscription sign up on my site for mail distribution and Ill also distribute copies in book stores, record stores, cafes, restaurants and shops nationwide and in New York in Philly. I want it to target a more upscale target marget.

By DeborahM On 03/12/04  

I wouldn't be advertising(no business) but I would love to distribut over here in California.I work in a VERY upscale enviroment and attend upscale physical therapists and salons.Keep me posted when you go to distribution.

By KittenCndy On 03/12/04  

Thanks Deborah M. Ill definately be in contact. I know there are a lot of business owners reading this thread. No one else interested? I only want your opinion on whether you would consider it.

By Imabarbedoll On 03/14/04  

What do you do Debbie??? sounds interesting!

By CraftyChicaAZ On 03/12/04  

i will help distribute it over here inthe southwest! i'm saving up $250.00 to advertise in bust mag soon, but maybe down the road!

By funkyutopia On 03/13/04  

I would be interested in hearing more about the idea before I'd commit, but I am interested this far.


By garnish On 03/14/04  

Sounds interesting!! I'd love to hear more. How far into the research are you? I like the editorial approach.


By myrrh On 03/15/04  

I would be interested as well. Maybe it's the $300 that is keeping others from posting.


By DeborahM On 03/15/04  

Imabarbedoll-I am an everything assitant at a independantly owned BMW shop in Sillicon Vally.I do everything from Market research to answering phones to payroll etc,thus I meet people with $$$ and I attend a Physical Therapist in a VERY expensive well as my nail salon and hair salon(I get deals thru don't think I have mega bucks myself!;) I'm just well conected)

By KittenCndy On 03/15/04  

Right now Ive requested paper samples from printers and am looking into prices. From what I hear a free nationwide magazine is hard to maintain. Im thinking of just making it free to major cities (New York, Philly so far). Individuals can purchase a subscription ($10) to have it delivered to them. Another thing would be for individuals to sell subscriptions to salons and spas and I was hoping to sell through some book and record stores too.
I also thought it would be a good idea to add a "goodies" page where individual products are highlighted. It would be way cheaper (say around $120 per item) and still bring attention to the designer. Im going to do some more research. Thanks!

By haringbat On 03/15/04  

i think it's important here to make a distinction between "editorial" and "advertorial" both for readers/subscribers and advertisers.

would you have writers for the advertorial or would the advertisers submit the pieces on their own?

By KittenCndy On 03/17/04  

To make it as professional as possible Id have a writer do the advertorial. The designer would review it and give the final approval though.

By Imabarbedoll On 03/18/04  

Its good to be well connected! My friend and I were lamenting last night how the "hook-up" system seems to have really grown thin. Glad to hear it's still alive!

By Imabarbedoll On 03/18/04  

Yes, thats the thing holding me back too-the lack of funds for advertising.

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