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By noodletherapy On 03/11/04  

i just got a ticket to come to san francisco from 23 march to april 4. i'd love to meet/hang with some glitterati!

i'm going to be staying with a friend who lives in oakland for part of the time, and probably with a different friend who lives in the city (not sure where) for the other part.

my plans include lots of salsa dancing, so if there are any latin-dancing glitter gals out there, definitely give me a shout! and if not, give me a shout anyway... it's always nice to hang out with a craft contingent in another city. (email in profile)

By officeromance On 03/11/04  

i'm going to san fran too! from march 20-27.... staying with a bunch a people. what should i check out?? i want dancing too!

By Spaniella On 03/11/04  

ooh, I am jealous of you, la reina

By noodletherapy On 03/22/04  

bumping, because i leave tomorrow!

any crafty gals in sf want to hang out this week or next? or sometime on the weekend? i'll be there til the 4th of april..


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