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By pinkO On 03/11/04  

i will make another plea for champaign urbana crafty folks....

hello? hello? east central illinois? hello?

By researchasaurus On 03/12/04  

I'm there with you in spirit, my child.

By pinkO On 03/12/04  

yes, but when i drink alone and say i am drinking with my spirit friend heidi, people look at me funny.

also, i was just thinking, "you know what i don't have enough of in my life? corey hart!" and what should appear on my doorstep but your amazing mix chock full of excellent karaoke practice! thanks! excellent decoration as well.

By LeopoldsMumsy On 03/12/04  

Hey Jen, remember me from Heidi's?

I spent two years in Central Illinois, so I feel your pain. I don't have any particular crafty memories of the place, but if you find yourself with a free Saturday or something, take a drive out to some of the smaller towns outside of C-U and raid their Salvation Armys. You wouldn't believe the treasures I found. I think I had really good luck in Rantoul.

And if you don't mind driving a ways, Springfield has a great little artistic community, believe it or not.

By researchasaurus On 03/14/04  

hee hee.

After I mailed that CD to you I was like, oh that's a little serial-killerish with the cutout words and all. But I had a cold that made me sort of delirious...that's my excuse.

Did you ever get your driver's license?

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