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By CrafterNtheOC On 03/10/04  

I live in Orange County and the only craft store i know of is Michaels..any other cool ones?

By LaPeep On 03/22/04  

What type of crafts do you do?
If you are are interested in fabric stores I know of a few.

By meadow On 03/23/04  

There's a store called the Knitty Gritty in Anaheim, I have yet to go to, even though I want to.
Umm, there's a couple of Joanns and Hancocks.
I like going to the weird little Mexican party supply stores for weird misc stuff/trinkets.

By AutumnSky On 03/30/04  

Depending on what part of OC you're in, there's also Tall Mouse (kind of like Michael's, but much, much better)

There's a great needlework shop, Needlepoints LTD in Garden Grove, Piecemakers in Fountain Valley is great for quilting, and there a half-dozen ab-fab beadshops in the Orange, Placentia, Fullerton area.


By AutumnSky On 03/30/04  

Oh! and there are two yarn shops on Tustin in Orange, and one in Santa Ana.

By costumekitten On 03/31/04  

yay for OC glitterati!! i thought i was the only one out here! i live in costa mesa.

i went to a lovely yarn store called 'the yarn lady' in laguna hills (right past irvine on the 405). bit of a drive but nice. other than that, i usually just go to michaels and joanns. and jennys fabrics. or m&l fabrics in anaheim.

anybody up for an OC glitterati get together sometime?

By LaPeep On 03/31/04  

I am always up for a crafty get together!!

I have tried to learn to knit on several occasions but forget the steps as soon as I put the needles down.
I mostly do sewing, woodworking and painting.

What do you guys do

By costumekitten On 03/31/04  

i do whatever seems fun at the moment. :) i sew A LOT. i also crochet and knit. im only a beginner at both though. never made anything more than a scarf (but have made dozens of those! heh)

woodworking sounds pretty cool! what type of stuff do you make?

i dont know if there is an official SnB in OC, but i was planning on starting one in a month or so with some people from school. we're probably going to meet near south coast plaza mall in the costa mesa/santa ana area. anybody know if there is one already? the LA one is too far for me to drive. but other than a SnB, what would be fun to do for a glitter get together?

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