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By ceebee On 03/09/04  

Hi! I've been meaning to make contact and meet some of you. So I thought I'd let you know I'm going to be selling some stuff (purses mostly, maybe some other accesories) on Sunday night the 14th around 6:30 for a few hours at Birdi's in Decatur. This is a restaurant/bar right on the Square in Decatur in the same strip as Raging Burrito, Sage, Several Dancers Core, and Azul. They are having an art opening and wine tasting that night. And it's a really cool spot.
Hope to see you, Christy

By laoni On 03/10/04  

Sounds like fun, and I've never checked out Birdi's before. I went ahead and put it in my calendar. I'll be out of town most of the weekend, but if I'm back in time I'll try to stop by. Good luck selling!

By ceebee On 03/11/04  

Hope you can make it laoni, but if not maybe we can meet some other time. I was living in KY briefly when I discovered glitter and I was soooo bummed out because there weren't any crafty girls where i was living. So when my husband and I decided to move back to the ATL I vowed to myself that I had to meet the Atlanta glitterati!

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