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By Knittinator On 03/09/04  

I know there are a million of them, but which ones are the best?


By ceebee On 03/09/04  

Good question! I've been in the Hong Kong supermarket a few times which is on Buford Hwy near the corner of Clairmont. I went in there to find paper lanterns (which were only like five bucks as opposed to $10 at trendy stores). they also had a bunch of plates and kitchen stuff. I didn't really look at the food though!

By CrafterNtheOC On 03/10/04  

Yes those stores rock...we have tonns of those stores and the cute lanterns are cheap and the plates and stuff are like under a dollar!!

By caropop On 03/10/04  

One of my friend's boyfriend's family owns one of the huge ones on Buford Hwy, though I'm not sure which one it is and therefore am of no help.

Although, Creative Loafing not too too long ago had a section of 'Best of's and listed reviews of many of the markets. Maybe you can find in on CL's website?

By ceebee On 03/11/04  

Oh and i just remembered! My mom teaches English to refugees in Clarkston and when I got married she found a bunch of cool stuff in one of the markets there. We were decorating with an Asian theme and she found this great thing to hang from the ceiling that meant "double happiness" (perfect I thought for a wedding) and this awesome mat that was green and white with a cool floral and bird pattern. We were able to use it as a runner down the aisle (and now I have it in my living room!). I'll try to ask her the name of the store but I think it would be located around Ponce and Market St in Clarkston.

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