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By Salia On 03/08/04  

How long before you ttc (I have to work on use of that acronym not sounding funny!) did you decide to? We're talking about some time next year, which makes me excited, but I don't want to tell anybody. It's way too early. What did you do to pass the time while you were thinking about it? Did you plan on it for a while and then change your mind? Now that we've talked about it, it seems so *real*! And yet not.

By jennymeg On 03/08/04  

We figured two kids, and three years apart would be good spacing.

My daughter just turned 3 yesterday and her sister is due in two weeks. It just happened really fast that way. I wasn't shooting for *exactly* three years apart. Oh my gosh.

By jane_bond On 03/08/04  

We concieved within hours or days of deciding to TTC! We didn't tell anyone about it, partly because we wanted the actuality of conceiving to be a big happy surprise and partly because a sister of mine was marrying a few weeks later. We announced to people as we walked them to their cars after the reception!

I did tell my mum recently that we are thinking of TTC again at 18mths pp - which is in 7 months! I don't have my period back yet, and might not by then, so we'll see.

By looloo On 03/08/04  

okay, am i missing something? is TTC "time to conceive?" or "trying to conceive"

By ambergeek On 03/08/04  

Hmmm. My DH and I have decided to ttc at the end of this year...we is open to change / consideration, though it sounds good so far...I think I may have accidentally told a couple of people, but who knows. I can't believe it's already March!

So we are planning way in advance, but that's cuz we talk about it all the time and can't agree, so we have to make PLANS...which sounds so stodgy, oh well.

By looloo On 03/09/04  

okay, it has clicked what it means...

With this last one I said that I wanted to wait until baby girl was 5, but then I got pregnant when she was only 2. I lost that baby, but I realized how much I wanted another one then. So we tried for about 6 months and, voila!

We told a couple of people, but I didn't want many people to know, just like I didn't want people to know before I made it to the second trimester.

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