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By lilyblue On 03/08/04  

I am considering some changes down the line to the site and I was wondering, what people would like to see on the site. I am open to almost any suggestion so send them this way.

By funkyutopia On 03/08/04  

hi lilyblue!
i just want you to know that your site is an incredible outlet for all kinds of artists and i for one really appreciate the fact that you have dedicated yourself to i buy diy!
your site is really a great tool already but the only suggestion that i can think of right now would be in response to quite a few glitter threads that i have read in the past months. regular threads looking for indie designers who create items that cater to them specifically.

the idea would be to create seperate sections for special sizing concerning clothing: plus, petite, tall, kids, mens, custom, etc.. ooh, and i'm not sure if this already exsisted on your site, but maybe concerning the jewelry to seperate into sections as well. such as giving bridal jewelry/accessories it's own category. some companies may be listed in several categories, but this may give your customers an idea of who is creating what they are looking for specifically.

i guess in a nut shell what i'm trying to suggest without getting too repetative (and bore you to death), is to create specific categories to filter your company listings. hope that helps (and makes sense - i'm kind of sleepy today).


By lilyblue On 04/01/04  

anybody else?

By blibblob On 04/02/04  

Nothing to add really just good to know you're doing this in the first place!

By toomuchglue On 04/02/04  

I, too, appreciate what you've done - I get a nice stream of clicks over from my listing. I hope my link back has been helpful, too.

This may be sophisticated, but thinking blue sky...

*Search-box functionality?

*Advanced search functionality that allowed people to drill down to just of the categorization you provide (e.g. find only artists that take paypal in California)

*An artist by location index that is essentially a link pulling in all artists located in a state or country?

I love what you're doing. Thanks!


By i sew vinyl On 04/02/04  

I second the search feature suggestion.
And adding me to your listings! :-)

i sew vinyl

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