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By gnome On 03/08/04  

i am going down to Austin for South by Southwest this year and wanted to hit up some crafty stores there if I could find them. Anybody know of some good fabric/craft spots (preferably cheap)?

By ursonate On 03/08/04  

look in the crafty section for that discussion about austin craft stores

By glassygirly On 03/12/04  

SXSW is going to be great this year. The thrift stores around here are great but if you are in on Sunday 3/14 there is a really cool event called the Bazaar Bizarre on South Lamar in the parking lot of 2040 S. Lamar. There will be all kinds of local artists & crafters,local live music & refreshments etc. It is a South Austin tradition and runs 10-8. A very cool eclectic group of artists & musicians. I will be there selling my handmade jewelry using seaglass & sterling so come by and say hi!

By gnome On 03/12/04  

thanks guys-
ursonate, i will check out that discussion, i think i remember which one you are talking about

glassygirly, unfortunately i wont be down there till the 17th, so i will miss Bazaar Bizarre :( how often does that event happen?

By sarahelizabeth On 03/15/04  

warning: this post contains shameless self promotion.

there is a really neat new store on south congress called parts and labour. it's basically a little boutique where crafty girls can rent shelf space and sell their creations. this is more already-made stuff but it's all really neat, like handmade/reconstructed clothing and purses, things for your house, crocheted and knit things, jewelry, etc. and if you do go, check out the shelf i have with two of my's the jewelry company called nine twenty-five. oh, and right next to parts and labour is new bohemia, a vintage clothing store. it's really great, too.

but as far as craft stores, some that i frequent are legendary beads and bead it on south lamar, and silk road (fancy-schmancy fabric and button-store) on lamar near 38th street. also on south congress is hill country weavers, which is an awesome yarn store. i take knitting classes there.

hope this helps! have fun at sxsw.

By gnome On 03/15/04  

sarahelizabeth- i will have to check out parts and labour, and im sure my boyfriend will be happy to venture into the vintage clothing store next door (he's even more of a shopper than i am :P thanks for the info!

By peppermintsquar On 03/16/04  

Well, if you knit or crochet, while on South Congress, go to Hill Country Weavers. Beautiful yarns.

Oh and I went into Parts & Labour last weekend for the first time and bought myself a shirt. yep yep. Good stuff.

Other than that, we kind of have generic craft stores. There's a decent paper store on N. Lamar by Central Market - Paper Place.

There is a nice art store on 6th St. downtown called Miller Blueprint.

I need to go find that other discussion...
ETA: Here's the link for the craft store discussion:

I had forgotten Silk Road, but Jennymeg mentioned it in the other discussion.

By sarahelizabeth On 03/16/04  

yay! and even if my own stuff wasn't in there, i'd still think it was a cool store. plus, you should definitely check out south congress anyway...there's a toy store there called terra toys that's really neat--they have a table where you can sit and color shopping bags and you get 10 cents for every one you color. which i think is fun.

By glassygirly On 03/17/04  

Gallery Lombardi is a great space at 910 W. 3rd St. 512-481-1088 They have really interesting found object art - I would say it is a must- see.

By gnome On 03/17/04  

awesome- gallery lombardi looks really interesting! i will try to make it there.

well im off to austin! thanks so much guys for all of your input!

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