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By indieanna On 03/08/04  

Just wondering if there are any other people from SW Ontario on these boards? Looking to swap info, maybe materials, etc.

By myrrh On 03/08/04  

Another Ontarian here, I'm in Toronto. You?


By indieanna On 03/09/04  

London. grrrrr. arrgghh. a.k.a. the armpit of the southwest. (well. maybe not quite that least apt. rental/studio space is cheaper than in Toronto, if nothing else :-)

By melmelon On 03/10/04  

I used to live in London...a loooooooong time ago...not long enough though...definitely the armpit....with very bad b.o. at that, where the rich are rich and the poor, very poor. I then spent 10 years in T.O., where one of my claims to fame was getting BARRED FOR LIFE from the Brunswick and just plain ol' kicked outta every other bar I set foot in. (aaaahhhh, mispent youth).
Now that I am "old" and mature *cough*, I live in "scenic" Penetanguishene, home of nuts and criminals...and I'm sure some variations on that. We just moved up here at the end of October & I no absolutely no one...lucky for them, I guess. Between Toronto and here we spent 4.5 years in Innisfil, the bellybutton lint of Ontario.

By righteous On 03/09/04  

I'm in Toronto, too...where are you located?

By indieanna On 03/09/04  

London. Very straight-laced. sigh. But I lived in Toronto for quite a few years, so I still go up a couple times a month and still have friends to stay with! You guys ever check out the Church of Craft thing in Toronto?

By daria On 04/01/04  

YEAH! hehe. the c.o.c in toronto is awesome. :D

By myrrh On 03/10/04  

Actually I am technically in North York. I just moved from downtown near Ryerson to Eglinton & the DVP.


By daria On 04/01/04  

north york! i used to live in the sheppard and bathurst area but just recently moved to vaughan. :(

By Chele75 On 03/09/04  

Toronto girl here! :)

By rubychew On 03/12/04  

toronto here

By coldsnap On 03/14/04  

ahhh London...
I spent the first 19 years of my life there, now I get a nasty knot in my gut everytime the train or bus pulls in....

now, I too am in toronto and since you asked about the church of craft, I also happen to be one of the ministers. we just had a craft-on today, for general info and a peek at what we've been up to for the last [almost] year, check our

By isarabunny On 03/24/04  

I'm curious about toronto..what's it like from the perspective of a girl in her 20's?
I really want to move somewhere and last time i visited toronto it was fun.

Anyhow, me boyfriend and i will be living in chicago for a while and then we'll be going somewhere else. not sure where. maybe seattle maybe san diego. we just don't want to go to obvious places like new york or san francisco.

ps is it colder than minneapolis, mn?

By aspiring On 03/26/04  

I left my 20s a few months ago and apparently you shouldn't trust anyone over 30, but I think I can fairly say Toronto is a great city. Finding good housing can be a pain, but that is true of all cities I guess. We have a chapter of the Church of Craft, and there are regular SnBs and a lively cultural scene, so I think you would like it here. Lots of restaurants and an okay public
transit system. Before you move though, of course you should investigate employment in your desired field and whether you can get a working visa or whatever you need. I don't know what the weather is in MN, but you can get information on the Toronto climate here: Remember, it will be in Metric!

By EmmaK On 03/30/04  

Innisfil, wow.

That's where i grew up

By melmelon On 03/30/04  

EmmaK - are you sure you want to admit to that? :p

By kazmatraz On 04/01/04  

chillin' in k-dub...that's lovely kitchener-waterloo. i'm on the waterloo side of the tracks. we've been here one year and it's ok. miss toronto dearly, but it was getting way too expensive and we had a little one to think about. we had rummies pissing on our doorstep and take-downs in front of our house on a pretty regular basis...not exactly peaceful livin'.

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