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By indieanna On 03/08/04  

Hi, everybody. This is my first post. (I see a lot of familiar usernames from another board tho.) I'm looking for a source for milagros. I'm in Canada and milagros are "scarcer than hen's teeth" (wtf that means?) And yes, I've tried eBay (best seller w. best price is inexplicably difficult to contact!) Any help would be much appreciated. I need them to make things so I'm looking for a reliable source and economical prices (ie. no "retail" pitches, please).

By miche_chan On 03/08/04  

they used to have some tin ones at Courage My Love in Kensington Market...


By indieanna On 03/09/04  

Thanks. I'll have to check that out next time I'm in town. You don't happen to recall any approximate prices do you?

By miche_chan On 03/10/04  

Oh, they were super-cheap, like 3 for $1. They were tin and fairly rustic looking. Not as ornate as ones I've seen in Mexico.

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