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By jane_bond On 03/07/04  

Kieran just signed his first word: num-nums (mama's milk)!!!!!!! Kieran is 11mths.

I'm so proud and so is he. He proudly showed off his first word to Daddy, whose name he is starting to call verbally, sorta. He says Da and Da-Da whenever I reference Sean.

Ahhhh...the joys of motherhood!

Anyone else got a brag?

By melmelon On 03/08/04  

That's soooooo sweet!!!!!!!! The first time my daughter made any indication (other than crying, of course) that she wanted some milk outta me was when she was about 9 months old or so....she flopped down on the bed and patted it (rather suggestively, I might add) for me to get down there and feed her (I didnt have a shirt on....and she was staring right at 'em).

Yesterday she brought her stupid yapping toy dog and the screwdriver (right size/head) to her needed "baa'ries" --- we are on a damned battery kick in this house...everything that kid owns that contains them, MUST have them. She's so smart to have these things figured out...of course we'll see how I feel once she tries to take the t.v. apart....or do some other electrical work.

By jane_bond On 03/08/04  

This isn't the first time he's non-verbally asked for his num-nums! The other night at a hockey game (AHL Hamilton Bulldogs, Montreal Canadians farm team), he actually pulled down the front of my deep-vee t-shirt. I wonder how many people got to check out my super ugly fortified nursing bra! haha!

I am super happy about the signing, tho. I am sooooo glad that we are rapidly moving toward an effective communications strategy - whining and crying are getting harder to interpret at this age.

By looloo On 03/08/04  

ha ha, you got lucky that that wasn't the moment they swung the big screen camera your way!

The only thing I have to brag about is that my 3 year old gave me a stick this morning. She was on the porch saying bye and ran out to my window and gave me a was sweet, I will have that stick forever!

By Rzngrl On 03/08/04  

I'd like to brag that my 10 month old is walking everywhere!!! He's looks like a little drunken frat-boy stumbling everywhere!


By melmelon On 03/08/04  

Gotta luv the in-public groping....for a little while my girl would not only expose me, but would cop a feel off of whomever was holding her.
btw - who won the game?

By jane_bond On 03/08/04  

It was a tie - we won in overtime (against the Syracuse Crunch, who, I think are the New Jersey Devil farm team).

We were actually on the big screen a few days before - they showed Kieran, wearing his little baby Bulldogs uniform, beside a picture of Mini Me (if Mini Me were cute, they'd be twins :) )

By wendyland On 03/13/04  

My 4 year old keeps bringing home papers from preschool with words and number written. I'm just so proud to see my little girl doing big kid stuff. I can't believe she's starting to read and write.

And my 3 month old is chewing on her hands & grabbing my shirt now. Big Steps!

It's so weird having kids so far apart. I keep thinking about how far Sophie has to go to catch up with Nadia. All the stuff we have to look forward to like standing, walking, talking, potty training all over again. Whew!!!

By looloo On 03/15/04  

***hijack**wow, wendyland, your girls have beautiful names! ****end hijack****

By jjfantastic On 03/15/04  

milo (9mo) has mastered crawling! he actually did it a week ago, but we were out of town all last week and just got back. poor thing was cooped up in slings/carseats/strollers/laps almost the entire time, other than at the hotel, so he didn't get to explore as much as he would've liked.

we need to get on the stick about teaching signs. that's so cool that kieran is starting to use them!

By jane_bond On 03/16/04  

Yay kidlets!

Kieran has also started saying "all done" at mealtimes. Unfortunately, it looks like clapping, which is my fault, because I repeat the sign over and over again, it must look like I'm clapping! Haha!

jjfantastic, is that you who won a sling on the Babywearing site?

By snoopy On 03/16/04  

yesterday yoshimi (4 1/2 months) learned how to roll over from her back to front! plus she can make it through the night without wetting her diaper, which is good for my hubby since he does the changes, although she still eats every few hours (lucky for me, eh). yay for all of our little ones and their accomplishments!

By jjfantastic On 03/17/04  

it is me who won a sling! such a nice surprise! i have far too many slings right now as it is, but i can always use more :) it's a small obsession.

By jane_bond On 03/17/04  

Cool! Congrats!

I know what you mean - I am currently obsessed with hip carriers. I made one last night. It's a lot like an Asian-style baby carrier, but it has one upper strap and buckes instead of ties. I am planning to try making more in the next couple of days.

By kittyroc On 03/17/04  

My 21 month old daughter can learn the lyrics of almost any song after hearing it a couple of times. She knows the words to almost every Wiggles song, some commercial jingles ( sad, I know)and she can even sing Japanese! I know she doesn't understand Japanese but it's cool to hear her sing it. Can you believe she knows the words to 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' by The Darkness? It's because I play it so much. It's funny how when she's just talking it sounds like baby talk but when she sings the words come out clearly.

I'm just glad she loves music as much as I do.

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