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By aspiring On 03/05/04  

Blech! My neighbours smoke and I can smell it in parts of my apartment, and the instant I open my door. Maybe they smoke in the hallway? Are there any low-tech strategies to clean the air and keep my lungs pink?

By looloo On 03/05/04  

you could get an air filter, or simply ask them not to smoke in front of your door!

By thixle On 03/06/04  

I'll "pipe" in as a smoker: Outdoors should be fair game. The hallway should not! I say put up a "No Smoking- Oxygen in Use" sign. Nothing makes smokers put out butts faster :D And you'll only piss them off if you tell/ask them not to smoke- which means they'll stop to smoke right in front of your door... This is coming from a smoker, remember!

By looloo On 03/08/04  

Or you could put out some flammable looking containers in the hallway and put the no smoking sticker on those.

By aspiring On 03/15/04  

Thanks for your replies! This guy is not very approachable and has many, many bad habits that are invasive to the others in the house. I'm moving May 1, but in the meantime, I will take some of your pointers, thank you!

I wish there were more smoke-free parks! Never heard of that before! Cool! Too often I am walking behind smokers on the sidewalk and the smoke gets blown backward into my face and ewww!

By aspiring On 04/01/04  

I've been dreaming of those non-smoking parks in New Brighton! Imagine, no cigarrette butts in the grass! That will have to be my next picnic destination!

By Xuli On 04/01/04  

As a nonsmoker who has lived with smokers my whole life, I feel that some laws curbing smoking are pretty ridiculous (like, what's up with not being able to smoke in bars in California? I don't feel like I've gone out if I don't come home smelling like cigarettes). But you so have a right to a smoke-free home (even my parents have a no-smoking-in-the-house rule, and it's their house!).

Reminds me of George Carlin's quote that having a smoking section in a public building is like having a peeing section in a public swimming pool.

By hindsight2020 On 04/01/04  

Get this, everyone: Connecticut put a 3-part smoking ban into place. First, there was no smoking in restaurants. Yesterday came phase two, with a ban on smoking in bars. Additionally, just yesterday the third phase was announced--there will be no smoking allowed in cars as of May 1. This means your PRIVATE VEHICLE. I don't smoke and dislike the smell of smoke, and hate when little kids are stuck in a car with smokers--but this seems like an infringement on personal freedom to me. Thoughts? Opinions?

By VoodooToaster On 04/01/04  

What's the point of that? To try and stop cigarette butts on the roads? I don't get it. That's not fair at all.

By aspiring On 04/01/04  

Maybe smoking while driving takes away from the fine motor skills and attention span needed to drive safely. Aren't some cities making laws about using cel phones while driving for the same reason?

I can empathize with how hard it must be to quit smoking, but I still don't want smoke or the litter of smokers around!

By VoodooToaster On 04/01/04  

I don't like smoking either, but a car is a personal space. Cars sometimes even require warrants for search by the police! It's the same as a person's house in a way. I find this ludicrous.

By denimqueen On 04/01/04  

aspiring...invest in some low tech air filters..PLANTS! spider plants are really good for this as well as a few others whos names i cannot remember right now.

By hindsight2020 On 04/01/04  

The car smoking issue was big on the radio this morning. I guess legislators are claiming that cars are state concerns when they're on public roads. I can't see how safety could be an argument, as cell phones are still allowed while driving in CT. The butt litering is a possibility, and some people complained on the air of smelling smoke from other peoples' cars. The real reason? I don't know. As a non-smoker, I'm ok with no smoking in bars and restaurants. The car thing just seems to go too far. But CT likes to rule with an iron thumb with regards to lots of things.

By guttergrrl On 04/01/04  

I personally appreciate NY's ban on smoking in bars and resturants and bowling alleys and such. I love going bowling every week and not smelling like an ashtray. And I spend more time in bars now that I don't come out wheezing and hacking from having smoke blown in my face all night. *shrugs*

That car smoking ban is way too strict though. I don't care if a person smokes in their homes or cars. That's just fucked up.

*clink, clink*


By rubychew On 04/01/04  

I haven't read all the replies so forgive me if this has already been said.

This has happened to me, and the last time I noticed it, I covered up (with duct tape) two power outlets behind the bookcase wall (shared wall with neighbours) and the smell TOTALLY WENT AWAY! I was so shocked that a little outlet could cause so much stink....could this work for you?

By Trixie On 04/01/04  

Hello..after reading this thread, I have been searching the net to find info about the smoking ban in vehicles in CT. No luck.
Hindsight, could you post a link if you are aware of one? Much appereciated. +Trix

By kazoogrrl On 04/01/04  

If the state is so worried about my car, they can pay for my insurance. And how about footing the bill for some repairs too.

I'm an ex smoker. I appreciate office buildings/school buildings that don't have smoking. But bars? Get real. If you are going to work in a bar, hang out in a bar, play in a band that plays in bars, get used to it. You're not forced to be there, you can leave if you want. If you don't like a smokey enviroment, don't go there (that said, my boy likes the no smoking in NYC because his band plays there, but if there was no ban he'd just deal with it).

I could see no smoking in state/federal parks, just like there's no smoking in state/federal buildings. But ultimately I don't care.

By invisilurker On 04/01/04  


By seventwelve On 04/01/04  

Only 24% of Americans smoke. The rest of us shouldn't have to hand our lungs over to the minority. I'm right alongside those who hate not being able to build a sandcastle without cigarette butts in your turrets. At my college, they were big on beautification and historic looks and all, but it's hard to enjoy when you're stuck on a narrow sidewalk behind a smoker. And as for bars, us non-smokers in the majority wouldn't mind being able to go to some places that would be great hangouts if they didn't involve watering eyes and lack of oxygen!

By Bizwitch On 04/01/04  

i thought the solution for restaurants and bars was having a smoking section... i've been in plenty of restaurants and sat in non-smoking areas and couldn't smell it at all. in fact, i've been in some where the ventilation was so good that you couldn't smell it in the smoking section either.

the no smoking in your own car law is just ridiculous.

By seventwelve On 04/01/04  

Good ventilation and separation is one thing. But that doesn't happen everywhere.

I think the best signs I've ever seen in a restaurant are in a burger place where my parents live. They say "smoking section" and "secondhand smoking section."

By kazoogrrl On 04/01/04  

I guess I'm more concerned about the air I breathe being polluted by car fumes (hey, what happened to all the money for bike paths and pedestrian walkways, oh yeah, it was given to build more highways! Wait, what's up with the popularity of Hummers that get less than 10 m/gallon?) and losing enviromental protections to Bush nominees ( then to worry as much about the second hand smoke drifting my way.

By invisilurker On 04/01/04  


By Lydia On 04/01/04  

what i dont understand is why the government doesnt just make smoking illegal and forget these obnoxious laws. i mean if they are going to make so many insane restricitions on the act, and if they really are serious about forcing control of people's bodies (ie outlaw of pot and other harmless drugs/ trying to outlaw abortion/ etc) then why the hell not just make ciggies illegal and get it over with?

as a smoker, i think the bans in cars, bars, and parks are rediculous, but then, i am careful not to blow smoke in others' faces, and to put my buts in the trash.

oh, and a good way to be sure not to litter when youre in your car is to get a cup and fill it with baking soda. put it in your cupholder, put buts in that insead of out the window. this will a) make sure your but is out, and b) make your car smell better. whoo! (dont tell but i totally got that from ann landers.)

By SuzyCreamcheese On 04/01/04  

"what i dont understand is why the government doesnt just make smoking illegal and forget these obnoxious laws."

See: 1919-1933

Anyway, this is something that should have been solved by the free market. Let the businesses decide for themselves: if they find allowing smoking is harmful to their business, or if they have personal objections to allowing smoking, then they don't have to allow smoking.

It's amazing how willing people are to let their government intrude on their personal lives and their neighborhood businesses in cases like this.

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