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By none On 03/05/04  

Is it alright to sneak in here and give a plug to a friend's baby clothes store? If you live in the Baltimore area, stop by Raw Sugar (, in Belvedere Square.

The ladies who work there are very sweet. There's usually a kid or two who's there to help Mom with the store. The clothes run from preemie to about 5 years. Really gorgeous, high quality clothes. Some of it is one of a kind, like the bibs, blankets, and jewelry.

It would be a great place to meet other local Moms (and hip ones at that!) since it's owned and operated by new Moms.

I hope this isn't against Glitter rules, I just think she deserves a plug. She opened the shop just before she found out she was pregnant with her third, and so far it's been a success! I have to admire that.

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