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By KattWalk On 03/04/04  

to post on this board now, and not just the La Vida Crafty and Discuss Crafts board!!

I only found out two days ago, so it's still new to me. Can't wait to read everything from you all.

By luci_mama On 03/04/04  

Whoo-hoo! Congratulations and welcome from the sleep-deprived Glittermamas!

Do tell: was this a surprise, or a planned event? Or maybe a planned-sometime-in-the-future-but-what-a-surprise-NOW event?

(Hope you don't think this is too nosy a question ... see the "stupid questions" thread!) You know, we're kinda like family here ... "nosy flaky relatives" and all!

Again, welcome!


By looloo On 03/04/04  

yay! don't be too put off by the thread about what to expect or the stupid things people say or is so much more than all of that!

By snoopy On 03/04/04  

how exciting! congratulations!

By Eva666 On 03/04/04  

congratulations and welcome to the rollercoaster that is'll LOVE it!

By melmelon On 03/04/04  

congratulations...better start stocking up on your sleep...and tying up any loose ends....oh yeah, and just to repeat myself CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

By jjfantastic On 03/05/04  

woohoo! congrats!!!!

By KattWalk On 03/05/04  

Thanks everyone!
It's still really early and we've only told our close friends and parents.

Luci, it wasn't "planned" per se, but we knew we wanted to have children together. Perhaps not now, but it was beautiful to see him get emotional about it.

I took the test, then set it on the counter in the bathroom. J. went in there to use the bathroom before he took a bath, and I went into the kitchen to get some water and I set the timer for 3 minutes. I heard him say "the lines are already showing up!" Wait..Lines?? As in more than one? "yeah, what does that mean?" and I showed him the box.

I already have gotten some advice: You will have to learn how to filter out all of the advice you get.

By jasmineT On 03/05/04  

Yay! Welcome! Although, you could have come here anytime.

By looloo On 03/05/04  

that is the best advice anyone could ever give! That and "it's your body, you know best"

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