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By looloo On 03/04/04  

Did any of you give your shower host a gift? If so what?

My sister is hosting my shower and putting a lot of work into it. I do not want her to go under appreciated so I am going to get her a gift. Any suggestions?

By melmelon On 03/04/04  

I didnt give a gift(longish story, but they're just lucky I stuck around once I figured out what was going on), but you could give your sis a nice food basket with homemade treats in it if you are so inclined....oh wait you have 2.5 kids, right? maybe a gift certificate to her fave restaurant or for the movies/video store... how much do you want to spend? That might scare up some more ideas...

By cackalackie On 03/04/04  

I only had one shower, given by my best friend, and I didn't give her a gift. Well I guess I did give her a wedding gift! Actually I flew in from London to attend her wedding and she threw me a shower! Yep - a week before her wedding!

That is a nice idea, though. How about giving her a voucher for a pedicure? (That is, if you don't want to make something, of course.)

I'm throwing a shower in a few weeks. Actually it's a party on a Saturday night - couples, etc. Two of our closest friends' wives are due with girls! So we're planning accordingly. (My friend that threw me the shower and I.) We're planning to do away with the silly games and just have a pink food & drink theme. (Don't know if you saw my thread on la vida.) And shooters of jaeger out of those wee cups the kids take their medicine out of!

Sorry to have hi-jacked.

(Remind me. You have a 4-year-old girl and you're pregnant now? When are you due and do you know what it is? Sorry if this has been covered before...)

By looloo On 03/04/04  

I have a four year old girl, a three year old girl and I am due april 12th.

I do not know what this baby will be!

By cackalackie On 03/04/04  

(Oh yeah - is it April yet - hardy har har.)

By jjfantastic On 03/05/04  

five of my MIL's friends threw me a shower. i got each of them a ceramic tea pot. (my MIL helped defray the cost 'cos it was sort of expensive)

my husband's coworker and his wife threw us another shower and i got them a lantern from pottery barn to use on their patio.

By msm On 03/05/04  

my shower had 3 hostesses. i got them each a nice picture frame and printed out a short poem from children's books, like the Milne one about neither being halfway up or down the stairs (a different poem for each woman), that i did a nice graphic treatment of in photoshop. I included a pressed 4-leaf clover (i find them by the bushel.) I didn't have much money to spend, but personalizing the frames let them know i put a little thought into it and the lucky clovers are something that they associated with me, a private joke. My assumption was that they would put their own photos in later, but it made a nice presentation.

By looloo On 03/05/04  

Wow! thanks for the great ideas...I think i might mix chocolate with a hand-made gift.

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