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By bennieriot On 03/03/04  

I don't recognize a lot of names here. It's been more than a year since I posted. Now I miss talking to other artsy girls.

I'm 25
I sew, draw, and sculpt
I have a little business: www.tokkisom.com
I'm going to art school to hone my design skills.
I live in Oakland, CA

Okay, how about you?

By hazel1 On 03/03/04  

hi! I joined a few months or so ago...

crochet, write and whatever i get a whim to do
I yearn with all my heart to open a craft consignment shop!
in between dreams (F/T) ;), I'm an Audio/Video Specialist
I live in the DC Metro Area

By shannon On 03/03/04  


i'm a few weeks short of 19
i draw, paint, craft-ify, etcetera
i am majoring in art (concentration in graphic design) and i want to do so many things i can't even start to list them :)
i live in huntsville, alabama but i go to school at the University of Alabama in tuscaloosa.

By msmetro On 03/03/04  

I've been around for a while, but mostly I lurk. (Which sounds so sinister...makes me feel like a glitterstalker.)

I'm 28 and a half.
I doodle, sometimes paint, occasionally pick up a sewing project, but mostly I design stuff. I think my job takes most of my creative juices, but I always have grand dreams of tackling some new type of craft. At the moment I'm planning to learn how to knit. Soon. Well, as soon as I go buy some yarn and needles.

For fun and profit, I create wedding invites, stationery, and cards, on top of the boring corporate stuff that I do as a freelancer. www.girlmetro.com is where I live most of the time.

By Ori On 03/03/04  

I'm another long time lurker. :) I'm 24 and live in Georgia.

Mostly my craftiness is limited to knitting, but I've sewn a few articles of clothing.

Ori :)

By askant269 On 03/03/04  

hallo =]

*i'm 26
*i'm moving from cincinnati to atlanta @ mar 29
*i photograph, knit, sew, repurpose, redecorate, and anything else my a.d.d. addled crafty alter ego can focus enough attention on to complete.
*for the next 20some odd days i am an information management researcher and student. after that...


By Xuli On 03/03/04  

Hellos everyone!

I guess I'm not totally new, but I feel pretty new since I just came out of lurkdom about a month ago.

I'm 26.
I live in the Bay Area, but not the cool part (on the peninsula, closer to San Jose than San Francisco).
I knit and crochet a *lot* (and pretty well), and in addition to that I start a lot of crafts with usually-disappointing results -- but I have fun, so I keep plugging away.
I'm getting a PhD in Latin American literature, and, to earn my keep at the university that gives me a stipend, I teach first-year Spanish classes.

By jeansweasel On 03/03/04  

Well, I'm 32 and I've been sorta on and off the board for the past year or so- and p.s. I'm glad there's a crafty biz heading in the index now! : ) (I don't think it'll happen soon,but I would love to be more business oriented with my crafts.)I also crochet a lot,though it doesn't always become a finished item.I'm currently trying to finish up a hellish year of cosmetology school,but after that, I don't know what! I think I'm overdue for some free time....I live in Mn but I visit Mo at least a couple of times a year...so maybe someday I can meet any glitterati in the Ozarks area? So! Hi everybody!

By lizzz On 03/03/04  

im a 24 year old girl
i moved back to my parents after i graduated college and am trying to move out again.
i knit and am teaching myself how to sew.
i like to giggle and dance whenever i can
i need a drink

By AirForceLady On 03/03/04  

I'm Sheena, in the past year i joined the Air Force (hence the name) and have gone from VA to TX to MS to NM. I'm 19 and a half. I play with shiny objects for fun and in the future for profit. I post about once or twice a week, cause i don't have my own computer yet. I live in the Corner of No and Where, NM.

By son_sue On 03/03/04  

Hi everybody! I'm still kinda new here too, thanks for the thread.I'm 26, and in 1 week will be 27. I love to make beaded jewelry, paint stuff, make candles & mosaics, just learning how to knit (from that great book from the Bust website, "Stich and Bitch"! highly recommended!). I like to try and grow herbs and vegetables on my tiny little terrace.
I'm an insurance claims adjuster (another creativity-draining job). Would rather be a bartender or English teacher, but hey, i will work on that!

By Cayta On 03/03/04  

Married, two cats
Knitting, crochet, I have a sewing machine but...
I work for a microscopic microbrewery in sales in the ATL.
I absolutely love Glitter. My craftiness has definately been inspired by all of the wonderful ideas posted on this site daily. You girls are rad.

By sweater On 03/03/04  

hey everyone, I just joined recently, perhaps a month ago, athough I frequently cruised around the boards before that.

I am 19 y.o.a.

I do a little bit of everything, although my current projects include printmaking, collage, sculpture and film. I also enjoy doing studies and experiments related to the art world.

I attend SUNY Buffalo as an art major, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Needless to say, I live in Buffalo.

By windowshopper On 03/03/04  

i've been here a long time but now i lurk more than post.
i make jewelry and knit and sell vintage clothes and i will start sewing very soon i swear.
it takes me a while to get going sometimes.
i work making desserts.
i'm moving before the end of the month into a house we will own.
soon i will update the house thread i started a while ago.


By boxless On 03/08/04  

I'm (almost) 21...
I live at home with my parents, who support me financially.
I live in the southeastern united states.
I'm a student majoring in either Criminology or Elementary Education.
I enjoy:painting, photography, southern folk art, collages, scrapbooking, craftivism, cooking, and I'm about to become a bartender.

By Sabriel On 03/04/04  

I'm six weeks (yow) from my twenty-first birthday. I draw, I write, and two days ago I decided to take up embroidery.

I live in the panhandle of Florida, which sucks, but I just got a great job as office manager of a free fortnightly newspaper that I've been writing for since last summer, which also kind of sucks, because it's here. I'm saving up money to move out. I just finished college, so I'm in purgatory right now.

I'm eating twice-baked potatoes right now, and they rock my socks. Which are black with silver stars.

By thesecondmagpie On 03/04/04  

I don't think that I have ever properly introduced myself...I guess this is my big chance....
I am 24
Hobbies...sewing, knitting, playing cello, jewelry making (wire bending), painting collecting pottery, rocks, and records. creating scenerios, and searching for the elderly generation's garage sales, and wattering my extensive herb garden... ect.ect.ect
the magic word @www.carthagegoodneighbor (currently under construction and soon to be unveiled for the second time)
working my hindside off in my coffee house(recovering bartender)
living in my own world (actually in mo)

By jeansweasel On 03/04/04  

thesecondmagpie- what's the coffeehouse address again? (or is that url above, the new website?) My husband and I were tickled to read about it and we couldn't find it on our last trip. You're doing what (I think) we would like to do,if we could- coffee shop,crafts,and bands. I haven't been to Carthage yet either but parts of Mo are really pretty....so keep rockin. : )

By thesecondmagpie On 03/04/04  

Do you live in MO? Um, if you were looking to come by all means you should. If you are in the area I am planning to start a night dedicated to crafty-types with $2.00 bottomless coffee, and a book club and, cooking club(sorta like a themed potluck thingy, and a recipe swap). The actual location in reality is 2 blocks north of route 66. Anyway hy husband is fixing all our sites coffee house included, but he also has a recording studio (owl-eyed records) so it is difficult to get a free moment for other things ie the sites and non work related things.

By antigone On 03/04/04  

I'm 26
I sew, make jewelry, work with clay, write, draw, sing, play the piano,
I have a website: http://www.theresedesign.com where I show some of my stuff but I sell most things through Ebay or art gallery shops etc.
I'm unemployed & looking for a job as a translator or temporary teaching jobs but those are hard to find at the moment
I also work in my mum's health food shop at times
I've studied English, Art history, Swedish, World Literature and Visual Literacy at uni
I live in Härnösand, Sweden
and I always spill coffee on this yellow shirt I'm wearing right now. Gah! Not again!
Oh and I love chocolate.

By becca_13 On 03/04/04  


By laoni On 03/04/04  

30. I live in Atlanta at the moment, although I seem to keep bouncing around. West Virginia previously and probably Athens(GA) next.
For fun I dance, sing(mostly when I think no one is listening), study taiji, play with beads, yarn, cameras, fabric,glass,and paper, and sometimes I actually manage to complete a project before getting distracted by the next thing I want to make. For work I'm an attorney. Previously legal services, but now just a job that will let me save money to go back to school in Social Work.

By looloo On 03/04/04  

i am 28, married 2 and 1/2 kids. One kitty who lives in my house named Apples who is the sweetest, softest most annoyingly lovey kitty in the world and 2 kitties who have adopted us and set up post on our back porch named King Louie and Kitty the Girlfriend Kitty. (who is a killer)

I like to do minor crafts (mostly involving glue and paper) and sometime branch out to things involving fabric and end up with lots of puncture holes in my hands...

By melmelon On 03/04/04  

long time lurker - I'm 30, SAHM to 2 girls, have 2 cats and a dog. I cross stitch (sporadically), am currently doing a bunch of kiddy crafts to occupy my pet monster who is almost 2 1/2, am starting to do the handmade paper thing (meaning I have a huge pile that I've just started to shred), garden, have been knitting the same scarf since I was 10 (thats 20 years now people) - its only 6" wide and about two feet long. I havent sewn since gr. 8 when I "broke" two sewing machines and was relegated to folding laundry during my sections "turn" at the machines...I will try again someday soon. When I used to work for money (as opposed to this shit paying motherhood thing) I was a pastry chef, so needless to say the pet monster and I bake 3-4 times a week. My other girl is only 12 weeks old, so most of the time I am typing one-handed while nursing....I know I am rambling so I'll just say that, oh yeah, I'm from Canada, north of Toronto.

By WildSnowflake On 03/04/04  

I'm officially thirty-something. How that happened, I have no clue.

A Jersey Girl, I'm going to be opening up a consignment antique/craft boutique soon in Central NJ with my mom.

Happily engaged, I will be moving in with the FH (which he says stands for Fishhead so I'm going with that :lol:) next month after living in the same apt for 10 years (the same length of time I've spent with the job I have now).

Since the job I have now takes 50 hours+ out of my life, I don't do much creative stuff...But I do a lot of volunteer work for the Community FoodBank of NJ although I have yet to meet Bruce Springsteen (however if you want to win a signed guitar go to http://www.njfoodbank.org )


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