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By looloo On 03/03/04  

I am at work and my hands are starting to swell. It seems to be related to the typing and writing that I have to do, but since I have to do it....well you know

anyway, anyone know a way that i can relieve the swelling? I am taking periodic breaks from the typing and writing, but not to much avail.

By jennymeg On 03/03/04  

It sounds like water retention, like you might get in your legs. So I'd say soak them in ice water or just rest. Goodness. Is there anyway you can get a change in job duties? Do they hurt or are they just swollen? All kinds of things can happen to the wrists during pregnancy (pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel for one) and I'd fear aggravating that possibility.

By Eva666 On 03/03/04  

when you're taking your breaks from typing try rubbing them to keep the circulation going..start at the wrist and work down to each finger tip. also, nows a good time to take off any rings. my friend insisted on leaving her wedding band on only to have it sawed off at the hospital.

By Eva666 On 03/03/04  

two other things i thought of,

watch your salt intake because this could make water retention worse.

i've heard about wristbands that your OB/midwife
could get you to help the swelling if its carpul-tunnel related due to your work. it doesn't hurt to ask i guess..

By luci_mama On 03/04/04  

Two dietary things: salt your food "to taste" but avoid eating alot of salty foods like chips and fries. And it sounds counter-intuitive, but drink LOTS of water. Drinking lots keeps your system cleaned out, which helps with water retention. You'll pee more (and I know how excited you'll be about that!) but you'll have less trouble with swelling.

And I "second" the suggestion to take plenty of breaks and raise your hands above the level of your heart ... literally, so the excess fluid can drain. And if your rings are getting tight, for the gods' sake, take them off now before it's too late!

Oh, and don't worry about it: it's nothing major, it's nothing that about a zillion other pregnant women have had before you.


By looloo On 03/04/04  

They are actually a lot better today. I know better with the rings...I had hypertension with my first child so my hands and feet were so very swollen.

But thanks for the water advice, i would have thought the opposite!

By looloo On 03/05/04  

I went to the Dr. this morning and he had no advice for my hands. So, thanks for being the wise women you are!

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