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By jasmineT On 03/03/04  

Just curious about shows that make your skin crawl with annoyance. My 2 are Boobah and 7 Little Monsters. I was introduced to these lovely shows after the 3 yo had chickenpox. Now she thinks she should get to watch them all the time. NO WAY. NO HOW. What shows would you have banned from PBS (or Nickelodeon, Disney, etc) if you could?

By looloo On 03/03/04  

I have only caught glimpses of Boombah, but according to my husband it is worse than Teletubbies (which I for kids under 1 with no verbal skills what-so-ever) but my votes would be for:
Boombah, Teletubbies, Mucha-Lucha (I call it the stinky show and when my girls do end up watching it my daughter kind of rubs it in "I am watching the stinky show") and any thing with "stupid" or "chicken" in the title. I think these shows come on cartoon network, and we don't have cable so I got lucky there! Oh and Yu-Gi-Oh...I just don't understand it...where is the plot? I guess it teaches adding and subtracting with the life points and all, but it is so lame!

By melmelon On 03/03/04  

I *HATE* barney......his holier than thou attitude and those fake-ass kids absolutely make my skin crawl....we also have this one called nanala'an...those are the two off the top of my head, but I generally cant stand most of them. I think the only one I really like is Zaboomafoo.

By jasmineT On 03/03/04  

I think I'm lucky that my kids have never liked Barney or else that would be up there on my list too. The kids on that show all seem to be future mormon missionaries or amway sellers. They took zaboomafoo off for boohbah. I had such a crush on those Kratt brothers, too.

By melmelon On 03/03/04  

yes, I like those boys, nice legs....funny husband works with a guy whose wife's sister is married to one of them (I asked which one and its apperently "the shorter one")....anyway, work buddy's kids got to go to a taping, and zaboo says to him, "I have a tail, do you have a tail?" "no, I have a penis." gotta luv them kids!!! he also told them to clean up their closet so stuff doesnt keep falling out.
I would also like to be at a family get together to hear the conversation since they are quite the animal lovers, work buddy's wife is a veterinarian and work buddy is one of the biggest hunting enthusiasts I have ever met (during hunting season he will take off whenever the mood strikes, which is often).

By Eva666 On 03/03/04  

i hate to say it but maisy drives me batty. i want to like it, i really do, i actually LOVE the animation and think the story lines are fairly cute but it moves SO DAMN SLOW that i get all worked up when its on.

and caillou (sp?) drives me nuts with his constant whining.

By angstmommy On 03/03/04  

I can not STAND Dora. I think she is too bossy for her own good. I also can't stand just about anything on the Cartoon Network, Disney, or Nick......... maybe I am just a snob.

By moon_lemming On 03/08/04  

Hehe, I love Dora, but that's probably because a) I'm bossy so I don't notice her bossiness and b) Rabbit loves Dora and Rabbit doesn't love many tv shows (not a bad thing, in my book). Can't stand the Tweenies or Rugrats. There's a cartoon with a girl who has a pet/friend monster . . . I can't remember the name, but I hate that one, too.

I also love the animation style of Maisy, but can't stand the cartoon with the annoying noises that stand for speech. I try to sit through them, but give up after about five minutes and end up buying the books if I see them on sale instead.

Oh, also, on Nick Jr. (I think) there're these two adults who do some of the little commercial breaks. The woman is Robin and, uh, I can't remember the guy's name. I turn off the TV before I kick it over when they show up; they bother the hell out of me for some reason.

[eta, because I haven't been on this board since last March: hi! I have a 1yo girlie who goes by Rabbit. I'm glad this board is picking up a little again, it's nice to hear what glitter mamas have to say.]

By melmelon On 03/03/04  

yes, I forgot about caillou..that rotten little bugger is on just before barney....I wish my kids had his parents....always home and with plenty of can they NEVER get mad at him? I better stop letting the monster watch him or she'll start to think thats how things are supposed to be.

By looloo On 03/03/04  

I have to give Caillou does annoy me that mommy and daddy are always there, but there are good lessons to learn that, when I get to see it, I incorporate in things that happen at home. But, when is mommy going to stop wearing maternity clothes?

By melmelon On 03/03/04  

when daddy stops knocking her up..he hehe..or when she stops eating the kids leftovers off their plates....or when she joins the gym ...maybe she should just buy some new clothes (ya, I'm one to talk)

By stargirley On 03/04/04  

I hate Barney. But i think that goes with out saying. Most of us do. I don't like maisy or teletubbies, because I can't stand shows where the characters don't use real words. That's why I also hate that nana'lan or whatever that is. My daughter mostly watches the older nick shows now, like spongebob, rugrats, and rocket power. They aren't very educational, but now that she's in school i let her have 2 shows after school that are just entertaining. She has learned that she doesn't get in trouble for saying "Baricles" (sp?) instead of "damn it" when she's disappointed or drops something.(spongebob) and being the bossy one means no one likes you. (rugrats) and taking all the credit or being a poor sport means you might end up playing alone - because no one wants to hang out with someone like that.(rocket power) so I guess they teach a little something.

By msm On 03/05/04  

wow- becoming a mom at 45 has really softened me up. like everyone, i have always hated barney, but now i have a toddler. Since he could walk, he will frantically bring me within hearing of the tv when the theme is playing so he can act it out with me "...with a great big hug..." (strong hug), "...and a kiss from me to you..." (sweet, SWEET kiss)- OMG! melts my heart! and they sing it twice, so we do it again. Barney, you are forgiven.
And this is proof i'm worthless now; i like Boohbah.
It's like--- hypnotic, dude. similar to teletubbies, which i hate, and lots of soft farty sounds, which don't amuse me-- but not as dorky or gross or slow or whiney as 99.9% of the shows out there. we don't have cable, so it's PBS or nothing.
The only show i can't take is the dopey one about rainbows and dragons, Dragon Tales? i hate those crappy cutesy moronic voices, and that bad-as-in-no-i-really-mean-bad 1970's drawing style. (((shudder)))

i just remind myself that if i hate it, well, as a 48-yr old, i'm not exactly the target audience, am i? as someone already said, if it teaches good values, i shouldn't complain. at least they aren't whackiing each other on the head like when i was a kid.
oh, and yeah, i can turn off the tv, can't i?

By sunkissedmiss On 03/05/04  

oh man, I love dragon tales and yu-gi oh! Callou is too slow for me to get into, but I guess that's because I'm well out of the age range :).

By looloo On 03/05/04  

cute boy at work was talking about how much he hated the new Lion King 1/2 and how slow it was so I pointed out that my kids love it and that I am pretty sure it was made for them! But as moms, we are forced to watch this stuff, so we get to have opinions!

By senorcoconut On 03/08/04  

Network Wiggles has to go. They aren't even trying any more.

PB&J Otter: drown them all.

By Rzngrl On 03/08/04  

One word:

The way the say everything with exaggerated slowness and pronunciation. And the new foot friend? Ick.

(Un)fortunately it is the only show Owen will watch besides Sesame Street.

I *love* Sesame Street though.


By kayke On 03/08/04  

I second that about Dragon Tales. That show drives me nuts! But I love Cyberchase, it teaches the kids math and Christopher Lloyd is The Hacker. Too funny!

Liberty Kids- grrrrrrr.


By spyderkl On 03/18/04  

My 2-year-old just loves Dragon Tales. Eh, it's better than Barney, I suppose. Barney sets my teeth on edge. My husband saw Boobah for the first time this week - he said it looked like an advertisement for kids to drop acid. Needless to say, our little darling doesn't get to watch that one.

Cyberchase, Liberty's Kids - she's way too young for those yet.

By kayke On 03/19/04  

yah, 2 is too young for those 2 shows. But mine are 6 & 7, so they love them. Also Zoom. Was Zoom on when we were kids or am I just imagining things?

By xjessiex On 03/19/04  

oh man, i don't even have any sprouts yet, but i love pb and j otter! then again, i love otters. and yes, there was an older version of zoom.


By kazmatraz On 03/25/04  

nana'lan' is cool, but only because of the sexual tension between nana and mr.wooka. a friend of mine knows the guys that started it and she told me that they came up with it while tripping on mushrooms. it all makes sense now.
most of the kiddie shows drive me bonkers. my little guy is obsessed with the old 'muppet show' re-runs from the 1970's. they have released the 'best of' on dvd (and video too, i think). our local library carries some of them. they are pretty funny (even after the first 20 times!)...the peter sellers/dudley moore/john cleese one is the best.

By faerie_eyez On 03/30/04  

A word about Caillou: My boyfriend's son watched that cartoon for about 2 weeks and picked up some of Caillou's annoying habits, like whining and other such nonesense. When we eliminated Caillou, we eliminated the temper as well. Beware!

By Rzngrl On 03/31/04  

Okay, does *anyone* hate Oobi as much as I do????

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