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By noodletherapy On 03/02/04  

I know there's been a thread about this Williamsburg market before, but I searched and couldn't find it.

I'm thinking of participating in it this wkend as a vendor, but I'm looking for some advice from ppl who have either been to it or sold in it...

Is it high quality stuff? Lots of traffic? Do ppl seem to go wanting to spend, or just looking to browse?

If anyone's interested in sharing a table, let me know. It's $50 per table so that would be $25 each. I'd rather share with a non-jewelry person.

By ladymisskayte On 03/03/04  

hey noodle-
i've been a couple of times and i think it's great! good traffic, a dj, people seemed super-friendly and fun.
i was actually thinking of getting a table there too but i'm in no condition to get one anytime soon. i still have a lot of stuff to make!
maybe by this spring though...

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