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By Spaniella On 03/02/04  

I am part of a drawing club that gets together once a week. We used to go to this place Atlas Cafe in w'burg which was great because it was bright and there were lots of tables, but we started getting booted out of there at different times, the cafe closing at anytime from 9 pm to midnight. So we started meeting at peoples houses but truthfully its inconvenient and high maintenance, what with the snacks and the hostessing and whatnot. It started off fun but every week its not ok. Anyway,
does anyone have any suggestions for good, cheap, well-lit cafes/coffeeshops that stay open pretty late? In the lower Manhattan/Williamsburg/Boerum-Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens areas?
Please help! Thanks!

By Astoria On 03/02/04  

Sorry no suggestions but your drawing club sounds interinting is there any way I could get more informaion on it are you accepting new memebers?
feel free to e-mail personaly it is in my profile.

By tchern30 On 03/03/04  

Unfortunately, I have no good location suggestions either but I would love to hear more about your drawing club also.

By peachass On 03/08/04  

there's a big coffee shop next door to me in fort greene, tillies. it's at 248 dekalb. i'm new to the neighborhood, so i haven't caught on yet to what time they close up...i think around 10pm, but i'm not sure. it's near pratt, so my guess is they're pretty art-friendly.

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