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By looloo On 03/02/04  

My husband (the stay at home dad) just called me and told me that my daughter lost "simba" a little 3 inch stuffed simba that she takes with her everywhere. I was trying to look up the phone number for the store that she left it in so I could call to see if they found it, and I couldn't find it (the number) and I said "man, we really need to find simba" and he said "what do you mean 'we'? I am the one who has to go to the store to get it" And now for some reason I can't stop crying! And I am at work and it is impossible to hide it!

By Eva666 On 03/02/04  

no, your not. a mommy's job is to be senstive to things like this..and you're stuck at work with the situation out of your hands. why did he bother to call and tell you if he wasn't trying to involve you?

moms around the world have to return to stores on a daily basis to retrive left-behind simbas, but when daddy has to do it the world comes to an end! if he's anything like my husband, he'll be over it an realize his foolishness by the time you get home from work, so take a deep breath and let him deal with the situation as needed.

i feel your pain sistuh!

By melmelon On 03/02/04  

ummmmmm, arent you pregnant? So I vote for hormonal (huge difference between hormonal and overly emotional)...and since you are at work....have they asked you if its April yet? And when they do, tell them you will be quite happy when it is so you wont have to see their sorry asses for (insert amount of maternity leave) this long. BTW, what kind of work do you do? And stop crying on the keyboard, you'll get electrocuted, you know. And when You get electrocuted you might cry even more, I hear that hurts....electrocution.

By jasmineT On 03/02/04  

my husband makes stupid remarks like that, too, sometimes. He's probably just stressed but didn't want to yell at the kids so he let it out on you. Let it go, if you can. Have a cup of tea or chocolate. We know you were helping find Simba even if he didn't feel like it. *hugs*

By looloo On 03/02/04  

Simba has been located! Yay! Poor poor man had to drive all the way back to the store to get it (please note sarcasm!)

I know that a lot of it had to do with being pregnant, but I couldn't help feeling my babies pain! Luckily I did not electrocute myself and no one was around to catch me and ask about it being April! But, I sure hope I don't have to explain why I am angry with him later...he would never understand!

By cackalackie On 03/02/04  

All I can say is thank goodness we found Simba!

By msm On 03/02/04  

yay simba!

and even if he was being snarky, give the guy lots of appreciation for this big victory when you get home. Sure, he didn't need to be such a jerk when the wording really didn't matter, "we" or He or whoever. you were definitely empathizing when you said "WE" which is no crime.
Dads-to-be often feel like nobody knows they are there, cause preggo wives get all the attnetion (unwanted as it may sometimes be). so make a fuss for him. it can't hurt.

By looloo On 03/02/04  

I did call my daughter and talk to her about it and made sure she thanked her daddy...

I think I am going to compromise and not make a deal out of this one way or the other, of course, I am just being stubborn and I know it!

By jennymeg On 03/02/04  

I was just reading Dr. Sears' page on 35-38 weeks (I'm not remembering how far along you are) since that's where I am -

It was totally me today. Anyway, I like checking in there once-in-a-while for that reminder that pregnancy brings its own emotions and sensitivities (i.e. hormones).

By wisheveled On 03/03/04  

First I thought he was probably embarrassed he actually let the child lose an animal that is obviously so beloved and trying to puff alittle smokescreen so you wouldn't say "how did you lose IT?"

But with a little more reflection I bet he did think you'd think he was great to get it, and was shocked that you were trying to help him solve the crisis when "of course he had it under control."

I didn't tell anyone when I forgot the diaper bag and had to buy stuff at resale shops to finish the day 2 hrs from home.

And once my husband at the time and I took off on errands at the same time in seperate cars, stopped at the stoplight and he ran back to the car to ask where my 5 year old son was sitting? Erm, standing in the street back in our neighborhood surrounded by neighbors stopping him from chasing us as we drove off down the road.

I'm not pregnant and I tear up at least once a day missing my girl, worrying if I'm the best mom I can be. Thats an unending thing I think because whatever you do great for people you love, of course you think there's something more they deserve. Your heart wished you could jump up and go get simba but your head said your job is more important to her. I get stuck with overtime sometimes and I HATE IT! I know I'm making time and a half, I know it is unreasonable to jump and leave in the end of a project, she probably doesn't notice I'm 45 minutes late, but I'm ready to see my baby by the end of the day!!

By looloo On 03/03/04  

wow! about hitting the nail on the head! All I wanted to do was run out of here, drive the 1 hour to the store, 30 minutes to my house and then 30 minutes back to work! But my husband came through for our baby and is now looked upon as a super hero (which he rightfully deserves)

And although I know you weren't laughing at the time, I had a little smile when I read your account of leaving baby boy behind! I don't know how many times I have glanced in my rear view not with the intention of checking on the well being of a baby, but just to make sure she was there!

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