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By ladymisskayte On 03/01/04  

i edited this cos of the toilet problems we are having at my house. sorry for the confusions!

hey all-
i am having another craft night at my house on thursday march 18th starting around 8 pm.
if you need directions send me an email (it's in my profile).
hopefully mishymisu and butterflytwish can make it too!!!
see you there!

By lindastar On 03/02/04  

fuck! my friend is coming in that night and i know she'd love to meet all of you (she's actually how i found glitter)....

i will try to make it if the G train cooperates.

By butterflytwish On 03/05/04  

awww... :(

i think i responded about this on some other thread, but me and the man will be leaving NYC to come back to fla thursday morning. poo!

on another thread, mishy mentioned going out for a drink/cocktails or something? maybe we can do something like that, still? we get into NYC sunday morning.

do you do your craft nights regularly? we'll be permanently moved up there after april 1st or so.


By danielepea On 03/05/04  

I think I should be able to make it. This means I will actually have to get a project to work on.

Do I dare to brave the G train with out the company of lindastar? ;o)

By lindastar On 03/05/04  

we may be going if we leave at 8 (assuming flights arrive...), but we'll see!

By mishymisu On 03/05/04  

The only day both Butterflytwish and I will be there is weds, I too am hoping someone might be in the mood for going out drinking on that day too?

I printed out my Threads Sewing Guide to NY, so i am prepared for crafty shopping East Coast style!

By susan*s On 03/06/04  

I'm sad that I'm nowhere near New York to come to craft night, but I just want to say that the Threads sewing guide rocks, I religiously carry mine when I visit. (Mishy, I got my copy at that crazy Sew Expo in Puyallup a couple of years ago, it made it all worthwhile!)

have a great time!

By cowgirly On 03/07/04  

I'll see ya'll on Thursday!!
And mishy, I might be free on Wed, not sure yet-- hope to be able to see you then, too.


By lindastar On 03/10/04  

wait, so is this still on?

or is there a toilet in your living room?

By noodletherapy On 03/11/04  

i'm so sad i couldn't make this girls... had to be out on long island for my gramma's 93rd bday. how was it?


By ladymisskayte On 03/12/04  

no worries noodle-we moved it until next week. same day, same time.
sorry for the confusion ladies! i hope you can all make it!

By lindastar On 03/17/04  


i don't know if my sick ass can make it, but everyone else should go!

By butterflytwish On 03/19/04  


sorry i missed you and mishy while i was in NYC. rats! :P

do you have craft night every month? may i join you ladies next time?

hope the toilet situation is *better*!


By Lacey On 03/19/04  

oh dear.
i'm such an airhead. I totally forgot about this!
i hope to see you soon girls. miss you

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