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By miche_chan On 03/01/04  

Hello ladies,
My partner-in-crime and I are having another shin-dig. Please feel free to drop by before or after your IWD celebrations!


As some of you already know Michelle and I are hosting our 2nd annual summer comes to winter party this 6th of March. Last year was all about the Tiki, this year it's all about the eighties. We'll be mixing XTC with Boogie Down Productions and Crunch 'n Munch with designer sushi. So bust out yer spandex bike shorts/pastel cotton suit/skirt and combat-boot combo/Run-DMC shades and join us!

What: Summer of '87 party
Who: don't be difficult. yes, you can bring a guest.
When: Saturday March 6th, 9pm
Where: 56 Pearson (3 blocks west of Landsdowne and 4 blocks north of Queen - just east of Sorauren)
How: Dress up in anything that says "summer of '87", BYOB and show up
Why: its gonna be like totally wicked awesome.

By aspiring On 03/02/04  

Ooo, Michelle! What fun! I'll have to polish my white vuarnets!

By sporadicity On 03/02/04  

Oooh...sounds like fun! I'd love to go but I'm attending the Cyndi Lauper concert that night! I'll be celebrating the 80's there. :D

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