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By anniebeegoode On 03/01/04  

Last night I was reading the Bust book reviews and was startled to see my dad's self-taught art standing out on page 100. My gay dad is in Bust! (Something I never thought I'd say...)

Of course, I must mention Hollis, his fabulous best friend who has been writing a hilarious colummn for creative loafing in Atlanta for years now. She's the real star. He's one of the main "characters" in her writing. His art is on the cover of her book "Bleachy-Haired Honkey Bitch" which was reviewed by Bust. She was even reviewed in Entertainment Weekly this week, but Bust is so much more exciting.

Anyway, you can check out the book on

This cover doesn't really due justice to his true art...but his website isn't up yet. He does a lot of mixed media work that questions traditional christian beliefs. My sweetie is working on the website for him...

If you are in Atlanta, there's a book-signing at Paris on Ponce Thursday night.

And Dad (Grant) is having an art opening in early April.

I'm just exploding with excitement for both Hollis and Dad!

By favorgrl On 03/01/04  

Wow, congrats to your Dad. I'll have to go check out the new issue of Bust now.


By sharem On 03/01/04  

good for him
i like the lighter frame?.?.?

By researchasaurus On 03/01/04  

Wow I wish I had a cool arty dad.

I think my dad would pass out if he read half of the articles in your average Bust issue!

Congratulations to your dad! The book looks great!

By anniebeegoode On 03/01/04  

thanks all for being excited with me.

sharem, about the lighters: he incorporates a lot of "crack lighters" in his work. he used to live in this low income neighborhood in a home that was previously a crack house that he bought for $8000 (hollis writes about it in the book).

his neighbors used to ask him for money on a regular basis. the streets and sidewalks were littered with brightly-colored crack lighters (lighters that have been altered to make a continuous flame for use with a crack pipe), so he offered a nickel per lighter. the streets got cleaned up, the people got a bit of cash, and he had lots of potential art materials. he eventually made an art car covered in the lighters. i wish i had a photo. i'll see if i can pull one up, if anyone is interested. it was amazing!

By becca_13 On 03/01/04  

damn girl! that is your dad?! well he is already famous to me!

i love hollis' articles....she is so damn funny. and i have been reading about your dad for years! are you going to the book signing?

By anniebeegoode On 03/01/04  

becca, i'll be there. will you?
too bad i didn't order a glitter button. do you have one? i need a way to spot you. i would love to meet some atlanta glitterati!

yep. i have the coolest dad in the world! hollis is amazingly funny, huh?. she takes a bit of truth and runs with it...
the grant character isn't always accurate, but her writing is always in the spirit of his true self.

By sharem On 03/02/04  

an art covered car in that sounds cool. i love the story.....found art...recycled art....what a cool story....

By becca_13 On 03/02/04  

thursday is my mom's last night in town, so i can't go (whah!), but you must come to the next glitterati get together!

and yep, hollis rules!

By becca_13 On 03/10/04  

how did the book party go?

By kayke On 03/10/04  


give it up for gay dads!!! My daddy was gay, too. Congratulations to your dad! I would love to see a picture of the crack lighter car!


apologizing for the excessive use of exclamation points!!!!!!!!! :)

By anniebeegoode On 03/10/04  

the book party was sooo much fun!
they even had strippers in krispy kreme aprons passing out krispy kreme donuts. it was a lovely party.

i am so lucky to have such a great dad.
i love my gay dad too!
when i was little, he would spend hours and hours doing my hair. and he took me shopping for all my back-to-school clothes and then had me do a "fashion show" for my mother. i would strut up and down the hall in my new get-up!

and now, we are super close. i've literally cried on his shoulder more than once. and he's always there for me...

before i get to sappy i have an announcement,
he's in LA right now because hollis gillespie will be on the jay leno show tonight. hopefully grant will be on the show too. he'll at least be in the front row. he bought a new "man skirt" for the occasion. keep your fingers crossed. and he called me yesterday from LA all excited because they had two appointents with film producers about the possiblity of a hollis movie!

By becca_13 On 03/10/04  

whoo wooo! gotta watch leno then!

By anniebeegoode On 03/11/04  

hollis was so cute on leno last night!

she made the best face when elijah wood hugged her.

and i loved it when jay asked her about her love life and she said that she wasn't dating right now because "i'm waiting for my standards to improve"

By becca_13 On 03/11/04  

grrr. i fell asleep on the sofa at 10pm because i am a lazy ass. glad to hear it went well!

By becca_13 On 04/02/04  

annie are you going to the art show tonight?

By anniebeegoode On 04/02/04  

becca, i'm so glad you posted/bumped this thread.
yep. i'll be there. will you?

i hope other atlanta glitterati can get
in on the fun, as well.

it should be a blast.
more than your usual wine-sipping art opening... there will be live music and entertainment and food!

and the craziest thing is that my dad and my little sister are going to wear matching outfits!
black miniskirts from family dollar with fishnets and boots!

let me know what you look like and i'll be looking for you.

i'll be wearing a black party dress with spaghetti straps and some pink and green flowers and birds embroidered on the skirt (and a pink cardigan if it's chilly). i have shortish brown hair with little bangs and silver glasses.

hopefully, i'll see you there.
i've never met another glitterati in person before!

By becca_13 On 04/02/04  

if i can scoot there after my dinner plans i will

i have no idea what clothes are unpacked yet (we just moved this past weekend) so i'll e-mail you a pic of me!

By Cayta On 04/02/04  

I just want to say congratulations to Annie for Sister Louisa's show tonight! I want to go, but I am stuck working and can't make it. I finished Hollis' book last week and can't imagine how fun it is to be Grant's kid. I actually met Grant at The Local, but I didn't want to be a spaz so I didn't mention anything about him being famous. I'm usre he gets it ALL the time. But I will admit that I was a bit starstruck. I've been reading about everyone for years so he and Hollis are totally celebs. I am sure that there will be a huge turnout tonight and I am very sorry I could not go. I hope also to meet other Glitterati around town, I'll be wearing my button!

By askant269 On 04/02/04  

argh! if i had been able to check the boards before now i would be all dolled up and already there! bargh!! and i wanted something cool to do tonight besides setting up my fishy tank!

you'll have to keep me posted on upcoming fun arty things to do so i can meet glitterati as well.


By anniebeegoode On 04/05/04  

cayta and askan,
sorry i sorta spaced on bumping this thread in time for everyone to make it to the art show. we'll have to have an atlanta get-together...i would like to meet all of you.
cayta, i think grant is enjoying the fame, so he would probably think it was fun if you said something to him next time you are at the local.

and yes, it's great fun to be his daughter!

becca, so great to meet you!

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