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By Eva666 On 03/01/04  

so here i am with a 2 year old and approximatly 2 months away from my next planned pregnancy. i had originally planned to have my second one by now but pretty much LAUGHED when that date rolled past. but now im serious and 3 years apart is as far as i want to spread em' seeing as i want 3-4 kids (?!) and soon...but i cant help but have all these doubts. i had wanted to lose all of my baby weight from the first pregnancy and still have about 15 lbs to go (yeah, i know i could still lose wieght in time but these 15 have been around for a looong time). i feel dumpy every day and after doing laundry 10 minutes ago realized that 95% of my clothing consists of xl t-shirts and sweatpants. i don't know what my point is really other than coming wihin 15 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight and then packing on another 30-40 depresses the hell out of me. my first one doesn't sleep without me standing over her crib singing and slapping her ass for at LEAST 30 minutes and im having trouble envisioning that with a basketball sized belly. how did i get her into this unrealistic routine and is it possible to break her of it at this point? this is all stuff that keeps me awake at night!

i know this post is a big ol' DRAG but i guess what im looking for is some stories of how you transitioned from 1-2 without losing your mind.

oh, and did you all lose your weight before the next pregnancy? how was it coming off the second time compared to the first?


By melmelon On 03/02/04  

Hey!!! We have the same freaking wardrobe!!! I think I only own 1 pair of jeans and 2 pairs of dress pants from when I had my first kid, needless to say most days are spent in ugly trackpants and assorted ugly stained shirt. The "transition" I made from one to two was exactly the same as from none to one......neither of my pet monsters was planned. I had always said I would have none or two, preferably none....oh well, now I have two and as I always knew its not something I would ever regret. My girls are 26months apart and I think I would have preferred 3 18 month old doesnt care if you are feeling too crappy to carry/cuddle/whatever her, and when that new baby came home the two year old didnt quite get why she now had to share her *everything*, especially the boob. ok, I know I am rambling, but I havent had enough coffee yet.
Weight-wise, I lost all but 5lbs by the time the big surprise was upon me...I had gained almost 50lbs with her...this time I lost another ten before gaining 30 (so, would that mean I gained only 20 lbs?). I dont know if its normal to gain less with the subsequent children or what, but it might be if you are having to chase after said now, my 2nd is 12 weeks old and I have lost about 17lbs, it would have probably been more, but my voracious sweet tooth and tandem nursing has been overwhelming my appetite (pretty good at shifting the blame from my lack of will power, eh?).
oh, and as for the losing my mind was gone a looooooooonnnnnnnnggggg time ago. I still cant believe I have any kids, never mind two.

By looloo On 03/02/04  

I think it is normal to gain less...I know that I did.

I wouldn't let the weight hold you back right now, if you want to have this next baby then do it! But until then, maybe you can go out and by a few snazzy outfits? I always feel so much better about myself in nicer clothes(not that I ever spend money on myself...)

I have found that everytime I start losing weight I get pregnant...I am scared when I have this baby and start losing weight I will get pregnant again!!

By looloo On 03/02/04  

never noticed that I had a double post...oops sorry!

By princess_me On 03/05/04  

one night try letting her cry to sleep. i know it sounds cruel but it works. i worked at a daycare and what we did to break some of these babies of this habbit was pat them a couple times or no more than 5 minutes.

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