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By antarcticist On 02/29/04  

hi. i'm looking for a roommate. either someone who already has a place and needs a roommate or someone to go apartment hunting with and be my roommate in the near future. i'm looking to move between now and june 1st. my boyfriend and i broke up and we live together, so this is why the date range is so wide. we're living together as roommates now, but i'd still like to get out as soon as possible.

i'm a vegetarian, i have 2 cats, i do not smoke or do drugs, i rarely drink, i'm very quiet and i am fairly clean (my only serious cleaning problem is that i hate washing dishes - i would like to get a place that has a dishwasher). i will be going back to VCU in the fall to major in english, after taking the year off from school.

um, as far as roommates go, i don't mind if people smoke, as long as it's outside. i don't want anyone who is into drugs or drinks a lot. nor anyone who expects to hold parties or shows a lot (small get-togethers are okay though). i'd prefer to live with a vegetarian or vegan, but it's not absolutely necessary. no sexists, racists, homophobes or transphobes, please.

with rent cut in half, i'm looking to pay $300 or less a month plus utilities.

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