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By lililamalice On 02/29/04  

I make funky jewelry from wool and currently sells them to my friends and such. I'm planning to maybe sell them to a store but I have no idea how to display them or package them. They would obviously look silly in a velvet padded box with a cushion. Here's a (very bad) pic to give you an idea.>
What da ya think?

By Mona Mew On 02/29/04  

Very cool! Here are a few ideas:

Place on top of a wooden balls (with a flat bottom, can get them in craft stores) or wooden cubes of various sizes. Oooh, or you could make ball shapes out of felted wool and use those for stands...

A cone shape (wood, acrylic) is great as all your ring stands can be the same size but will fit various sizes of rings. You could probably make something out of paper mache, too.

Find doweling that would fit various ring sizes, cut to the desired length and make a base for them to stand in.

That's all I've got right now... :o)

By funkyutopia On 02/29/04  

Hi lililamalice,

Check out for cool packaging materials. They have a ton of different kind of boxes, drawstring bags, etc. They're bound to have something funky to present your jewlery in. Nice work, btw!

By siacircus On 03/05/04  

Why not put them on those cool old-style glove displays? You know, the white ceramic (or porcelain?) ones? I think your jewelry would look very punchy against such a refined and sedate background. I think you could display rings, bracelets and necklaces (draped between the fingers) on it pretty easily. I'm not sure about ear rings (or if you even do ear rings), though. As for packaging, no ideas for you there yet.

By DeborahM On 03/12/04  

Although I cant see your rings or know the price range your seeling in,from the dicription maybe quarter machine plastic balls would work?If they are more upscale how about vellum oragami boxes?

By lililamalice On 03/13/04  

Oh that's such a cool idea (the clear plastic balls). I really like that, but after some thinking it might make them look kinda cheap. It sells pretty much only to young hype people so I don't think they would have a problem with this. Sorry about the broken link. I'm gonna try to fix that. Just to give you an idea, the one i had posted is blue with bright orange spots. Made of wool(think felted ).

By lililamalice On 04/01/04  

Just wanted to say that the link is now working again. Sorry for the delay

By ksue On 04/01/04  

I have no brilliant ideas - just wanted to say the bracelet is FAB! I just love it!


By DeborahM On 04/01/04  

Wow.Very inovative!Great use of color!

By lililamalice On 04/02/04  

Thank you guys for such great feedback! I just came up with that bracelet after reading about the Kyrgiz( sp?) felting tradition. They embroider on handmade felt rugs designed for a bride to be. Each stich represents a day of happiness for the newlyweds. I thought it was a great tradition.

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