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By BubbleDragon On 02/28/04  

Ok, I was invited to a baby shower for my fiance's cousin. No big deal, I really love his family, and they're great people. (Plus, I'm going with his sister so I get to see my neice.)

In any case, since I'm sorta on the outskirts of the relation, I only got word that I was actually invited last Sunday (he's forgetful), and the shower is tomorrow. I did get the requisite one-sie and a pack of cloth bibs, so I've got at least a small gift.

But I also started a small baby afghan last sunday when I found out. Of course, I chose small yarn and a knit pattern, so it's going slowly, and I'm not finished.

Should I actually say, "I'm in the process of making a blanket, too, I'll get it to you as soon as I'm done," or just surprise her with it later on? I'm not entirely sure when the baby's due, so I can't count on that for sure of when to give it to her.

Thanks in advance, folks,

By msm On 02/29/04  

i hope this posts in time to help-
i jinx myself when i announce a gift before i finish it; suddenly it is the last thing i want to do or have time for. and the pressure is on; i always fear that once i tell them, they imagine something more beautiful or more to their perfect taste than what i am making, and they may be disappointed when they get it. I know yo are tempted, though, to let her know that you are doing something very special- it's your call, but i have learned just to let it be a surprise for my own good.

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