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By Melynn On 02/28/04  

Normally I don't let being divorced bother me too awful much. I have come to accept the fact that I have to let my ex husband have his time with the kids. Afterall he does only get every other weekend with them. But sometimes I just can't help but let it still upset me.
Today is my youngest's 4th birthday. He is with his dad. So when I got to work I called him to tell him happy birthday. The ex didn't have a problem with that, I told my little Ricky that I would play a song for his birthday, so he picked one. (I work at a radio station) So since he can't get my station at his dad's, I put him on hold so he could hear me talk. I made a big deal for him on air about his birthday, then I turned it up here in the control room and I was listening to him singing it. Then his dad came in and hung up the phone on us. I was going to call back, but Ricky was wanting me to come get him bad enough allready. And that is hard on him. So I just cried for a bit, I know I shouldn't let all this get to me, I have been pretty lucky so far to have always had the kids on thier birthdays.
It's taken me a long time to get used to the idea of them leaving every other weekend. I try to look at it as my break. Then when something like this happens I just sit and feel sorry for myself.
So anyone else have a sad story about having to give up the kids?
Sometimes being divorced just plain sucks. Exes can be such assholes. But I guess if they weren't assholes, they wouldn't be exes.

Slowly coming out of my funk,

By melmelon On 02/29/04  

No sad story to share, just my sympathies. At least you get your sweet kids most of the time, right? And that kind of shit DOES remind you why he is the ex...but still, what a shitty thing to do.

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