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By ndaye On 02/27/04  

*edited to add*

Bumpity bump bump.

We're still looking. Still. If you know ANYONE, please holla!


We're looking for a new roommate ASAP

Deets below:
Your room: 19.5' x 10' (195sqf). 12 ft ceilings. Big closet and plenty of storage space. Ceiling fans. Window. Wired for DSL.

YOU: Pay rent on time; non-smoker (or willing to smoke outside the apt) who is interested in a relaxed, clean and creative environment.

Rent is $820/mth which includes DSL and all building fees.
You are responsible for 1/3 utilities (gas and elec is normaly much less than $100/mth total). 1.5 month security deposit ($1,230)

Share the 1500sf loft with two people (one female, one male). The apt has a massive common space to hang out in, large entry, fully equipped kitchen, gas stove, large fridge; hard wood floors and metal beams running throughout, cool neighbors and lots going on in the neighborhood.

Found amongst the Montrose and Morgan stop (5th & 6th stops) on the L train; a 5 minute walk to both subway stations and an 12 minute ride to Union Sq). The building is mainly comprised of people navigating the world of self-employment (artist, web designers, textile designers, freelancers, etc...) Accessible to you is DSL (included in the rent) and protected car-parking for $50/mth (the lot is part of our building's complex). Shopping (big-box super markets and organic store), laundry, Cafe, post office, art center, etc... all within a 4 block radius..

hit me on email if interested:

By ursonate On 02/27/04  


By ndaye On 02/28/04  

Does your "hmmmm" mean you're interested?

Do you still live in White Plains/Yonkers? We've met before at a C.O.C meeting, if you're interested, we can chip.


By ursonate On 02/28/04  

Nah, there were many thoughts triggered by your posting that are best summed up with "hmmm..." 15 years in NYC has ruined me for real estate. I moved back to Brooklyn a few months ago, but it's turned out to be kind of a disaster, so I'm moving to Texas in a little bit.

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