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By bouxie On 02/26/04  

hi, i was wondering if anyone knew about any relatively cheap embroidery classes in LA? i just want to learn more about different types of stitches and tips to improve my hand. decoratively, but also for fixing and hand-sewing clothing. thanks!!!

By loveplusone On 02/29/04  

hey, i do embroidery too on clothing, was wondering what you do with it?
its hard to find embroidery classes, but i get tips from and there are some good books out there that give you stitching techniques step by step.
I live in New York but I am in L.A often- thinking of moving out there? hows the crafting scene?

By bouxie On 02/29/04  

hi! i do wardrobe for films & tv, and a lot of times i make costumes and hand sew some of the more finer elements. i just would really like to have a consistent, delicate hand, and would like to get tips. i'll check out sublime stitching. the crafting scene out here is good - i can't really compare it to anything else - i've been here my whole life. i go to knitting groups a lot, and my roomates and i are pretty darn crafty. actually, most of my friends in the city have moved here from the east coast. i think they think l.a.'s not as creative as n.y., but i'm happy here!!!

By loveplusone On 03/01/04  

yeah, i think east coasters, especially New Yorkers, would like to think that they are the most creative people on earth. I have plenty of LA friends who are as creative or more so. The problem with so. cal is that all the good people are so spread out that they are harder to find. But if you are lucky enough to find them they are usually so much more reliable and less pretentious than NY arts/crafters.I think costuming is such an awesome way to use your sewing /embroidery skills. I myself, worked in film for a couple of years before having my baby 8 months ago and would love to go back in that direction in a couple of years???who knows I think its equally fun and challenging starting my own business, but maybe I can do both! Do you think home based crafting businesses work well out in LA? just wondering cuz we were thinking of relocating out there in a year or so...

By loveplusone On 03/01/04  

how did you break into costuming for film and T.V?

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