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By koolkitty On 02/26/04  

hello everyone,
my baby is due anyday now, (my first) and of all things, i am stressing out over memory books. haven't really liked any that i've seen on retail sites like amazon, but also feel that trying to make my own during the first few weeks of new motherhood might be a tad too ambitious. any good ideas? has anyone else made their own/found any on-line that they really like?
any insight on this matter would be much appreciated !!

By melmelon On 02/26/04  

Congratulations!!!Maybe just take heaps of pictures and then do your very own memory book when you feel up to it...but write on the back date/age/whatever else you might want to remember. you could also keep a journal of interesting little things your punkin does. My scrapping efforts as of late haven't been the greatest and getting the pics developed has slid a bit since I've had this 2nd baby....on one roll I had some christmas 2002, spring, summer trip and a few from late was *fun* trying to figure out exactly how old that little blonde girl was and just WHEN did I take that bloody picture?? At least since you only have the one you will be able to work on it (if you feel like it) when the babe is asleep....I have to wait until they BOTH are asleep..and by then all I want is to sleep myself...I've made it so far as to separate pics out that I want to cut up and do stuff to...maybe one day...

By koolkitty On 02/26/04  

thank you for your prompt reply ! i couldn't imagine trying to juggle two kids right now, i am still in shock about the fact that i am about to have one! taking pictures for now and then saving the project for later on is a good idea, although getting around to it would probably be the most challenging part for me!

By looloo On 02/26/04  

What is wrong with the ones that you have seen? (to give me a better idea of what you want)

I agree that it may be hard to make one the first few weeks, but as long as you save what you want a few months down the line you will be able to make one (assuming your baby naps). When I finally got passed needing to nap everytime the baby did, I was able to put together a fairly nice scrap book for the baby.

By koolkitty On 02/26/04  

well i've only been able to browse on-line for memory books so far, and i'm not able to see the insides of any that i've found on amazon..i'm sure they are ok, but i would love to be able to find something handmade and original.
ideally of course, i'd love to be able to do it myself, but not sure i trust myself when it comes to completing scrapbooks... my honeymoon picyures from last year are still piled up and collecting dust!

By looloo On 02/27/04  

do you have a crafty crafterson in your family who could make it for you? or you could have a scrap booking party where everyone makes a few pages and then you just add the pics later.

By misshawklet On 02/28/04  

not to butt in, but i make books!
you can email me if you want.

and oh, congrats!

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