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By looloo On 02/26/04  

Ladies, I think we are scaring off potential glitter mama's! so now we need to tell them the good things!

No one else but a pregnant woman gets to feel a baby kicking them from the inside! It is awesome!

You don't have to change the litter box, in fact, you CAN'T change the litter box.

Lot's of people give you preferential treatment, like people will get up and let you sit down...

We belong to a secret society

Looking at baby clothes is lovely!

So is decorating and coordinating a nursery.

the end result...

By Rzngrl On 02/26/04  

Getting out of doing the dishes or anything really, because you're tired/sick.

Nobody questions whether you deserve a nap, ever!!

Feeling the baby kick from the inside is truly the coolest feeling ever.

The first time your little sweetpea says "mama" makes everything soooo worth it!!


By cackalackie On 02/26/04  

When you have a bump in front, it diminishes the size of your other parts (for me, arse).

When I stopped drinking, my face got much trimmer. I had a glow.

A new wardrobe, albeit for just a few months. (Then it wanted rid of it ASAP.)

An inate desire to eat healthily - and an excuse to eat nuts and and other healthy things that I had avoided due to fat content.

That's just the pregnancy part.

By luci_mama On 02/26/04  

THE BEST SEX OF MY LIFE! Seriously, I was incredibly horny through most of both of my pregnancies, and had fabulous orgasms!

Also, I loved loved loved going to prenatal yoga three or four times a week, eating really well (and plenty!) ... and having the world support me in taking such good care of myself and our growing baby.

I loved being pregnant, and I loved experiencing the birth of my second child (the first was a c/section, don't go there!). If I weren't so old (and my husband older), and if we had planned ahead to have a houseful, I'd love to have another baby or two. But we married late and (obviously) didn't plan on providing for a family, so two is plenty enough for our circumstances.

I've joked that, if I only knew how great pregnancy would have been for me, I could've made a fortune as a surrogate mother! But I doubt I could have said goodbye to a baby that easily, so that wouldn't have worked.

I'm gonna go hug a kid now. Thanks for the roadsign to go wander down memory lane!


By blissed On 02/26/04  

People actually say nice things about how much weight you've gained.

While the baby is still in utero, mom gets two votes on everything.

Pregnancy hormones put my PMS meltdowns to shame. Now when I collapse in tears over nothing, and my husband tries to figure out what's wrong, he finally believes when I say, "Nothing, really.."

If you hate your job, and you're lucky enough to have some flexibility and choice in this area but haven't had the guts to do anything, the prospect of caring for a child is a great chance to challenge yourself: Is there something else you could be doing to financially support your family, and actually enjoy? It's much nicer than worrying that being a mom will push you off your career track...

Again, if you're lucky, you get to see your partner discover a whole new way to love... and see your own growth reflected in your partner. That's been just amazing.

I don't always make the right choices for myself. This intense, physical and emotional responsibility for another living thing's well-being has made me take better care of myself.

When your pregnant, your friends can really surprise you -- for better and for worse. A few of my relationships have really deepened through this, and for that I will be eternally appreciative.

By stargirley On 02/26/04  

in utero hiccups!

hearing the woosh woosh of the heart beat at Dr. appointments.

all the cute maternity clothes the have out now. (trying stuff on at "Motherhood" using the pillow to make sure it will fit in a few months and getting all excited about how BIG you're going to be.)

baby registries

trying to guess the sex before you find out.

overhearing other mom's explain to their kids that "there's a baby in there" when their kids are staring at you.

the first time you unabashedly sing a lullaby to the baby in front of anyone.

all the people in the wating room starting polls about time - weight - etc... to pass the time while you acheive the greatest acomplishment ever.

finally meeting the little soccer player, boxer, gymnast, etc... face to face.

By looloo On 02/26/04  

oh oh, just thought of another have an excuse for talking to yourself..."hmmmm, ehat do we want for dinner?" "what" "nothing, just talking to the baby"

and in utero hiccups are reason #1 to get pregnant :)

By pomly On 02/26/04  

I think it's nice just to have the company inside there... I am never alone!

(At 8 months, I haven't had any of those hiccups!)

By luci_mama On 02/26/04  

And oh yeah, Dowsing for Babies! (That's what we called it when we'd poke around, grabbing parts and trying to decide if it was a baby butt or foot or whatever, and then figure out what position the baby was in.) It was also enormous fun, toward the end of the pregnancy, to play games with baby: poke twice and see if he kicks back!

Ahhhh..... pregnancy. *sigh*

By msm On 03/03/04  

looloo is so right- i felt like i had been voted into a secret club! i finally "got it" about motherhood. then i got voted into an even more elite group when i had natural chilbirth (not popular in my area).

if babyclothes sounds cute but no big whoop, that's because you haven't been pregnant yet. i was 44 when i got pregnant for the first time, and until then i just couldn't relate to babies or cutesy stuff. but shopping for your first baby clothes is an awesome experience when you're expecting.

confidence. self doubt disappeared. i felt capable of anything, and unembarrassed by almost anything.

helps you really get your priorities straight.
and it gives you a deadline to finish up all the loose ends you have hanging. even if you don't acheive everything you want, you will accomplish an amazing amount in that 9 (really 10) months.

By melmelon On 03/03/04  

I totally agree with the confidence thing.
Not that I really did before, compared to lots of other grrls, but now I am alot easier on what my body looks like.....I dont mean that I dont care what I look like/weigh/whatever, but its just not important as long as I am healthy and strong enough to lug these monsters around, thats all that matters. And squeezing those two out just reminded me of this awesome power within....its a force to be reconned (sp?) with...

By looloo On 03/03/04  

not too long after baby #1 I had to get a tooth you know how easy that was? I would have never been able to do it if I couldn't lie there thinking "whatever, I pushed a baby out of a tiny little hole, I can get a tooth pulled!"

By msm On 03/03/04  

i meant to say that too looloo- nothing hurts any more. well not exactly, but after natural childbirth, nothing is too hard or too painful. i look at fussy ladies and think "wuss."

By MojoMama On 03/09/04  

um, is it shallow of me to say that while I lovedlovedloved all the stuff you guys mentioned(esp the special club stuff, oh and the bit about all the sweet clothes) but I LOVED the way I filled out the top of my blouses when I was preggers! Every now & then, I'd catch a glimpse of myself from about midchest up & think "who's the dame with the great set?" and then realize it was me! :)

Seriously though, having a baby made me feel like I could do ANYTHING, like I really accomplished something amazing - which I did and I remember everytime I look at my son! Motherhood rocks!

By KattWalk On 03/10/04  

I'm so freaking excited about my boobs!

By MojoMama On 03/12/04  

thanks for saying that because I was starting to feel like a dork for posting that! :)
~MojoMama, who misses her pregnancy boobage

By KattWalk On 03/12/04  

It's quite alright! I keep looking at mine too, and pointing out to my boyfriend the slight differences in them. I am just amazed.

(I don't have large boobs to begin with--a small 36-B)

By looloo On 03/12/04  

it is not so fascinating to me any more...they seem to be growing to much down! But I did buy this really neat semi padded bra that makes me look huge (It was a 40 D and I filled it out, yay!)

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