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By askant269 On 02/25/04  

x-posted in the guide and la vida crafty...

well, it's official with a capital SO just accepted a transfer to atlanta, and has to be ready to report to work on april 1, which means this ohio born&bred girl is leaving the midwest for good this time. it's scary exciting...i've travelled all over but never lived outside of the tri-state (ohio/kentucky/indiana)... plus, the only people we know are another couple that moved down there for the same reason last year (delta folks...somehow they always end up in atlanta, apparently) and so they're technically *his* friends until i get to know them a little better (ie at all).

wheeee fun! i know there are a few atlanta peoples on here...i'm still in a state of semi-shock, so i guess just...ummm...yeah. tell me anything you think i should know and reassure me that i'm not skipping off to a land where i won't find anyone to be crafty with, pretty please.


By divasteph On 02/26/04  

There is a bunch of info on atlanta in the Georgia thread on
i am a born and breed atlantan however most people that live here are transplants - so don't worry you will be fine!!!

By bunny On 03/06/04  

atlanta is great. do you know whereabouts you'll be living? there are some great neighborhoods here: little 5 points is the most popular for "cool" stuff, but it's verrry trendy at this point. there's also: virginia-highlands, east atlanta, grant park, midtown, oakhurst, decatur . . . they all have great stuff in them. piedmont park is nice for walking (during the day of course). and the midtown art cinema on monroe is a good place to see hard to find flix, as is tara cinema.

i prefer the righteous roon and the local for hangouts (both on ponce) or the highlander (right next to m.a.cinema). good food and good drinks, decent people. mary mac's on ponce has some pretty decent southern cooking--fried okra, cornbread and banana pudding are some of my faves.

uh yeah. i'm just rambling so if there's anything solid you'd like to know, just give a shout. i've lived here my entire life and lived all over so i know the city pretty well.

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