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By kilometergirl On 02/25/04  

i posted this on La Vida Crafty too. But since i am trying to get back to baltimore, thought i would post here too.
i feel so incredibly distressed lately. graduated from college in may 2003 with a bfa in photography. had to move back in with my parents cause school cost so damn much and i couldn't find a job in the sad art world of this economy. i started my own business >
and partnered with my mom in another. and i have been doing freelance photography and framing, sewing, etc. but still cannot make enough to move out. plus it is so frustrating not to have a definate pay check to count on. i don't even know where to look for jobs anymore. or where to advertise my business. i feel like my whole life has turned into this sad existence of trying to make enough money each month to pay the stupid loans. all i think about all the time is money. and how will i ever get enought to move out? it is so depressing. i would really love to move back to baltimore, but of course cannot secure any jobs there. if anyone has any advice, on jobs, on advertising, anything. i'd appreciate it!
thanks. hope you all are fairing better.
XO, katie

By marvy On 03/08/04  

I wish I could help you out, but I'm in much the same boat. I have a BFA in photography too, and I'm working as a paralegal right now. I desperately want to get into a more creative field, but the jobs are kind of slim in Baltimore right now. There is other kinds of work out there though, temp agencies may be a good way to get a job and steady work to help you move back to the area. Good luck!

By sharem On 03/10/04  

try googling or net searching for art profession resource as well as ur college job center....there are plenty out there like u can look at ads and

also there is a temp agency that i used that deals with art professionals like photographers, graphic artist...try thier site too at>

they haves md/dc offices

good luck

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