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By melmelon On 02/25/04  

I do not want to get this kid clothing or another useless toy, although I may just flake out and get a gift certificate. I sort of had the idea to put together an age appropriate art kit...into neato container would go:
washable crayons
assorted papers
hunk of homemade playdough and recipe
finger paints (just to send the priss of a mother into a fit - she is slightly neurotic and controlling)
I might look up a recipe for bathtub paint/chalk(whatever their called) make some and also include the recipe
what else is appropriate for that age or does anyone have any other ideas?

By looloo On 02/25/04  

maybe you can throw a smock in there too, you don't want this mom paying you back with the worlds loudest toy...

By melmelon On 02/25/04  

good idea..but I wouldnt have to worry about that..this chick is too politically correct for that...she would give us another book or something "thoughtful" just to prove how much better she is than my husband and I, just because she has her masters in english and all that sort of shit...we are her husband's "old" army buddies and too hard for her to get rid of..but thats another story.

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