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By nakedfotolady On 02/24/04  

hey there peeps. i live in baltimore, and i do a lot of the SnBs in my neigborhood. i have noticed a lot of people (like a whole lot) who express interest on glitter and in email form, but then don't show up. what do you guys think about that? why do you think that happens? those glitterati that come to the events have talked about how to better promote stuff, and so i guess i am coming here to ask other peeps what they think, or any other baltimore glitterati what might entice them to come hang out with us when we do stuff. is it the locations? do we seem mean? (jk) anyhoo...just thought i would pick your brains (hehe ew). lemme know what y'all think.




By FeegaRo On 03/02/04  

Hi Erin,
I know I am one of the people who have expressed interest in the past, and am currently on the mailing list. I haven't ever gone to a meet up only because I am more DC area than Bmore area. I actually have never been to Bmore before, so the thought of going there alone to try to find you guys is kinda intimidating. But from the sounds of it, you all seem really nice and interesting from the emails.. I would totally do it if you guys were a little bit closer I guess.


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