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By slick_grace On 02/24/04  

i need to make an audrey hepburn costume on the cheap, any ideas? I know Breakfast at Tiffany's is the first image to spring to most people's mind when thinking of audrey. But i'm wondering if any other images would be just as obvious, as in Sabrina or Funny Face? Any ideas or suggestions on how to do it cheap? Also hair and make-up ideas would be great! Thanks in advance.

By jess152 On 02/24/04  

I'd go for a boat-necked, striped top, black capris, ballet flats and an updo. Look at her eyebrows, very pencilled in, as well as fake eyelashes. I'm sure you'd get the point across that way.

By blissed On 02/25/04  

If you have short hair, her out-on-the-town outfit in Roman Holiday is cute, easy and recognizable... She had some awesome, fun outfits in Two for the Road that could easily be replicated too.

By hello_kitten On 03/27/04  

my april resolutio is to dress like audrey hepburn or amelie, so a bump is in effect!

any suggestions to make my current wardrobe more "audreyesque"? I am currently living in jeans and sweaters, i guess you can't get much farther from audrey than that!

By miche_chan On 03/29/04  

*paging aspiring*
I know she's a fan and may have some advice...


By crazy_bout_you On 03/29/04  

don't forget the pearls...and simple make-up. i was audrey hepburn for halloween once. i wore a black dress, ballet flats and pearls. but do use fake eyelashes and/or lots of mascara.

By chicsinger On 03/30/04  

Also don't forget the thick eyeliner that wings out from the corner of the eye! And if you're doing the B at T look, the long cigarette holder. Big hat, big sunglasses, simple lines in clothing should do it.


By copacetic On 03/31/04  

There's a wonderful book called "Audrey Style" that is jam-packed with tips on how to dress like the lovely Ms. Hepburn!

It's a bit pricey but if you're an Audrey fan it's worth it. You might be able to find a used copy or check it out of your library too. :)

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