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By Eva666 On 02/24/04  

i haven't been here in so long that this may have already been covered BUT,

do any of you read (or write!) mama-related zines?? i have recently discoverd that it's almost as good as having a large circle of mom friends, they cover issues your dealing with and make you laugh at the things you wanted to cry about yesterday.

some of my favorites:

*east village inky - by ayun halliday (nyc)

*wrinkle - by kara fleck (indiana)

*mom time - by katherine gulas (massachusetts)

*ma revolution - by lee snodgrass (wisconson)
i just subscribed to this last one..

if anyone is interested in checking these out, i can get you the ordering info. they're all $2 an issue.

id love to hear about others out there if you can suggest em'

By sofrosyne On 02/26/04  

there's one called the baby bloc, for anarchists and other non-conventional parents: I think it's seattle based.

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