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By luci_mama On 02/24/04  

I woke up this morning, went to the bathroom and discovered my period had started. My back is achey and I wanna lay around ... and BOTH my boys seem to want to be leech boys today: they both want to sit in my lap, my little guy wants to nurse ALOT, my bigger guy just wants to have my full attention, both of them pushing the other guy out of the way as needed.

And I just wanna run away. To someplace with a nice bed and clean sheets, and no work for me to do. And watch senseless daytime tv all day. And eat chocolate.

Boo-hoo. Anybody wanna join my pity party? (I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow, but I thought I'd take advantage of this newly-invigorated board to whine a little ... since I'm usually so full of myself, offering advice to everyone all the time like I actually know what I'm doing.)


By looloo On 02/24/04  

I toured my daughters future school today and almost burst into tears twice, once at the media center when I saw a list of rules (rules? I don't think she will get that...) and then again when the tour guide told us that on the first day of school there is a "boo-hoo brunch" for the parents! Plus it is rainy and gray which makes me want to cry more!

By melmelon On 02/24/04  

Had my greedy ass self not eaten ALL the lovely chocolate truffle tart I made yesterday, I would share...instead, how about a big ol' cheesy hug?

By originalcyn On 02/24/04  

I got my period too. Ugh! I thought nursing was supposed to keep that evil creature away! So I feel awful.
And dh is being less than "d". We are arguing about cleaning the house AGAIN. I hate it! it is so stupid to argue about who does more and why isn't this or that cleaned. He gets really frustrated and starts yelling and that makes me cry. Luckily the baby was already in bed, because I won't tolerate yelling around her.
My knee is a swollen mass of pain from climbing in and out of the back seat of our 2-door car to put the baby in the car seat and doing about 100 flights of stairs everyday at work and at home while carrying the baby. And dh gets grumpy if I ask him to get me anything from upstairs. So I have to go back to the physical therapist next week and explain that, yes, my knee is still f***ed up because I just can't manage to do my exercises and sit around with ice packs on for 20 minutes 3 times a day.
I honestly don't know how people with more than 1 kid and full time jobs manage to eat, sleep and not to go crazy!
Glad I have a place to moan about it though.

By bratgirl On 02/25/04  

Hugs to you all!!!

Now for my pity rant...I am 6 1/2 months pregnant, we just finished the stress of buying and closing on a house and we are moving this weekend. I work full-time, my hubby's in school and has mid-terms this week, we aren't completely packed and are planning to move Saturday. My hubby is not packing as much as I would like, because he has all these midterm projects to do, but I can't get mad at him as school is just as important. Oh, did I mention, the movers we were going to use, now will not return our calls!!! We are scrambling to find new movers on such short notice. We can't do it ourselves as I can't lift heavy things, and my hubby completely blew out his back this summer. Even though he is feeling much better, his physical therapist has given him stern warnings about lifting.

Oh yeah, and we still need to paint two rooms before we move. I just figure we won't put the furniture in these rooms and just paint once we are there. Even though, one is our bedroom, I figure we can sleep in the living room until we get it sorted out.

Calgon, take me away.


By Melynn On 02/25/04  

Allright-today must be glitter-get-your-period-day. This sucks, but this too shall pass.
I'm just having a real cool night at work, getting pulled in all directions, but I am almost done!


By pomly On 02/25/04  

holy twilight zone bratgirl! I am 8 months pregnant, am also moving this weekend and we still have to paint two rooms too! To top it off, our boiler totally crapped out on us last night, so even though we are closing next week, we have to spend lot$ to fix it and it's cold in here!
pity pity.....

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