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By noodletherapy On 02/23/04  

hey everyone in ny! (and outside of ny who might be coming this way...)

i'm having a belated bday party this wed night at the roxy, exactly one month after i turned 28!

please come by and relive the elementary school days with me.. (dressing according to that theme is optional, but i know i can count on some of you to rock some serious 70s/80s style!)

apparently drinks are only $5 -- rollerskating and cheap alcohol, oh my!

can't wait to see some of you there...

By lindastar On 02/25/04  

damn, i wish i saw this earlier

have fun rollergirl!

By senorcoconut On 02/28/04  

Just popped in to say "Booze and skates? Sounds like a recipe for disaster."

And I thought this was for the Roxy in Orlando.

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