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By ursonate On 02/20/04  

So the new Lush store opened today somewhere in Herald's Square. I haven't been there yet. Rumor has it it's in that Daffy's building. Anyone have an idea of the hours? Their web site leaves a lot to be desired info wise.

By danielepea On 02/23/04  

My roommate went over the weekend. He says it's just down the block from Daffy's and that the store itself is on the small side. I have no idea what their hours are. I agree that the website is lacking in the pertinent info department. I will operate under the assumption (the dillusion?) that they are open until at least 8 like the other stores in that area.

By ursonate On 02/23/04  

I went by on Sunday. I don't know if they will last long in that location. They will need more space, but I did notice Macy's employees looking at it with great interest. I know they have a devoted following, but their soaps are way more expensive than the overly expensive soaps that I already like!

By amyspart On 02/25/04  

Mmm, I went there yesterday - it's located in the same building as Daffy's and the DMV, right next to the Mrs. Fields cookie store. It's a little tricky to see from across the street because of all the scaffolding. Anyway - it is a little small and the smells are overwhelming, but I bought a few things anyway! I found it easier to read all the descriptions on the website and then have an idea of what I wanted before I got there. So far, I love everything I got: a solid shampoo, a massage oil bar, a makeup remover and a dusting powder. I think I smell so good... I hope everyone on the subway is not disgusted by my sweet smell! ha ha


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