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By boxless On 02/20/04  

I'm relatively new to glitter, and I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to gain some insight into who you are :)

CaptainMorgan, shopping, care bears, daisies, kids, dogs, traveling, cinema, southern folk art, the beach, my dog, curly hair, new orleans, the south in general, seinfeld, creativity, fom pillows, hot pink, down comforters, pjs, happy things, sock monkeys, burts bees, sour skittles, road trips, photography, cooking, blind melon, gucci rush, abnormal psychology, criminology, sleep, bags, packages, boxes, organizational items, the perks of being a wallflower, hoodies, birkenstock, shoes in general, humor, cheesehats, quirkiness, the cosby show, lucy and the peanuts gang, amusement parks, christmas, court tv, MAC lipgloss, mac and cheese, sushi, going out to dinner, cracker barrel, kitsch, sock monkeys, packages, alcohol, bumble and bumble conditioners, freshly cut grass, palm trees, hippies, bold accessories, brow waxes, doodling, magazine ads, monkeys, laid back atmospheres, feeling prepared, kits, nirvana, flip flops, road rules, toys, kids, people watching, boating, hiking, board games, batting cages, foam fingers(sporting events), drew barrymore, owen wilson, tulips, gardening, empty boxes and knowing you can fill them up with anything, having a secret, smoothies, strawberries, and lists :)

By Morgan On 02/20/04  

I love curly hair, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," & going out to dinner, too, but now I can't put those on my lists, since I don't want to be a copy-catter.... So here's my list:
"Gilmore Girls," book making, crocheting, painting, "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius," reading, Martha Stewart, cooking, feminism, music (everything from rap to country- basically anything w/ words!), environmentalism, pink, cheese, pizza, swimming, skiing, red candy, chocolate, Minnie Driver, activism, zines, writing, soccer, "Scrubs," science, any other type of crafts.... crap, I ran out of things. It's tougher than it looks!

By Convict7 On 02/20/04  

I'm a sucker for threads like these:

I love...Music(the loud heavy to the soft melodic), my car, sports, games where I can shoot things, a good book, my blanket, my cell phone when it works, movies, relaxing, writing, my lady.

By antigone On 02/20/04  

chocolate, creating things, ideas, sunshine on my face, angelina jolie, people smiling, singing, MUSIC, photography, ART, Rome, London, Ravenna, Härnösand, the sea, hot pink, handbags, long hair, glitter, Glitter, minidiscs, plastic, transparent materials, suitcases, envelopes, paper, gel pens, blank books, butterflies, action films, archaeology, Tomb Raider, a clean desk, printing stuff, things that sparkle, glass unless it's broken, E and K and my sister and my family, my t, feeling happy, cinnamon, vanilla, medieval interior decorating,

By looloo On 02/20/04  

making lists (so thank you), my family including my cat, cats in general, the color pink, cotton candy, bubble yum bubble gum, a pink lemonade flavored icee, my music (not the music I make, but the music I choose to listen to i.e. the throwing muses), Paul Simon, stars, my trucco "rock Candy" face powder, girl scout cookies (samoas to be exact), shag carpet, weekends, glue, lip balm, chapstick, lip gloss, lotion, a good mixed tape, the school supply aisle of any store, josh hartnett, the smell of babies and puppy breath, bacon, dvd's, the old musty smell of a used book shop (it gives me a headache but it is still nice to smell) a bean taco with sour cream from taco bell, mickey mouse, breakfast foods, finger tapping and foot tapping, iced tea (sweet), ft. lauderdale florida, mexican food, horsey sauce, baby feet...oh so many more!!! (the blake babies for instance...)

By antigone On 02/20/04  

looloo: *what* is a shag carpet? I have to know!

By looloo On 02/20/04  

you know, the "long haired" carpet from the 70's?

By anniebeegoode On 02/20/04  

cadbury cream eggs, my little sister, porch swings, hardwood floors, bright greens, school supplies, markers, jeans that fit, craft stores, the smell of fall, hugs from my little niece, days when it's 30 degrees F and super sunny, flying kites, traveling, isla mujeres mexico, a good novel, finishing a project, writing in my journal, my boy, substantial shoes on men, black mary janes on me, funky glasses, craft supplies- especially beads, daisies, hearty soups, swimming, teaching kids to swim, the smell of a cookies baking, yoga, my down throw, a good nap, creavtive energy, surprise packages in the mail, gas stoves, having my friends over, memphis, good public transportation, wind-up toys, and malaysian mango tofu.

By ladyjane On 02/20/04  

my bf! :D, diet coke with lime, diet vanilla pepsi, stretch jeans (shut up, they're comfy! ;), the 'net, tap dancing, shoes that look like tap shoes, black mary janes, cheap pseudo-chinese crap, snark, pens that don't smear when I write, black purses, beef jerkey, dried cranberries, my purple batik-y scarf, almost any reality TV show you can name, Clay Aiken (Shut up, he can sang! And he's nice.), squirrels, shower gel, stretchy bralets, the 2 days when Chicago's weather isn't crappy, Chicago (The city, not the band. Well, the band's OK), music of the folk/rock persuasion, cinnabar, maroon, deep purple (The color, the band's good, too), warm tortillas with honey butter, new york style pizza, towels when they're fresh from the dryer (home dryer, not laundromat! You can't control the smell of the laundromat dryers), apple-cinnamon scented candles, lunabars...

And I h-a-t-e waiting for this stupid fricking script to run at work! It's been nearly a half hour. I wanna go home. :P So, at least this list kept me occupied, thanx! Happy Friday!

***Edit: I also like the comic, "Agnes," and quoting from Bugs Bunny cartoons. And looking up websites about Borderline Personality Disorder, because it would explain sooo much about my family life.

**Edit: I just realized how much I miss the smell of burning leaves! :( Bummer about city life...

By thesecondmagpie On 02/20/04  

what do I love.... my husband and the time we have spent together, the scent of coffee early in the morning, cool(temp wise) pillows, autumn scarves, crafting, good talks with my mom, old chuck taylors, seeing a good show and drinking a few pints of newcastle, drunken sleding in the winter, glugg or mulled wine, the process of planting herbs and flowers from seeds, headphones and long walks, dorthy allison's books, Chicago and Omaha, nostalgia, twee-pop.

By boxless On 02/20/04  

my friend and I are also obsessed with borderline personality disorder :).
small world

By kilometergirl On 02/20/04  

hmm, this is a fun one...
coconut coffee, a boy named ben, a bicylce that shines like a pearl, riding the bicycle and watching my shadow, moving very very fast with wind around me, hearing songs inside my head. salt on my skin at the beach. flip flops, brightly colored daisies, cake with no icing, big big huggable dogs, friends i haven't seen in so long, getting letters, i love getting letters, yarn, fabric, a new idea, a freshly made bed that no one has yet touched, sheets, i used to love pillows, printing in a darkroom all by myself, riding in my car with the boy asleep beside me, talking to my brothers on the phone, making lists, the light of a summer evening, polaroid cameras, carnivals and fairs, christmas lights in summer time, good glitter threads, falling asleep outside in the sun. ok... so many more, but if i keep going people will start to skip ahead.

By Boroka_06 On 02/20/04  

Oh, oh, here's mine!

sugar, animals, boys, girls, music, the style network, knitting, my family & friends, glitter (the craft supply & the community, but not the movie), stars, stella mccartney, dresses, spin magazine, dyeing my hair weird-ass colors, marc jacobs, sharpies, fuzzy sweaters, geeks, tempeh, johnny depp (who doesn't love him?), pigtails, cookbooks, boobs, pillow fights, making mosaics, shopping for hours on end, used book stores, skateboarding, trying on shoes, shimmery eyeshadow, oreos & milk, snowshoeing, biology, queer theory, geoff rowley, bargain hunting, drag queens, a 16-year-old boy, the color pink, caffeine, the words "quixotic" and "sacapuntas", isaac mizrahi, and thrifting.

By tracey On 02/21/04  

my husband, waking up and not feeling tired, photography, walking around the city on a great sunny day, cooking a great meal, going to the art gallery, driving in my car around sunset with no traffic and a great cd playing, chocolate!, cake!, seinfeld, thunderstorms, having a healthy bank account, spending time with my family, shopping, tiramisu, radiohead, photographing ANYTHING, friday nights, going to the beach and not getting burnt or sunstroked, little dogs, original mini coopers, making crafty cool things, seeing my dad and my husband hang out and have a great time together, sleepless in seattle, saving money, pilates, redesigning websites and actually liking the outcome, being australian (corny, huh?), blueberry icecream, tutti frutti icecream, jelly belly's, finding an extra 50 in my wallet, the day after i've washed my hair (good hair day!), a cold cold glass of ice water, meeting new people, mac and cheeseeee, bumping into old friends, watching the news, children, hearing about the good things that happen to good people

By aplusgoldstar On 02/21/04  

architecture, architecture as a form of social change, smart architectural re-use, physical planning, my roommate's cat, hot pink anything, making t-shirts, superhero designs, cranberry anything, a good cup of coffee, avocado rolls, fresh summerripe tomatoes, painting my toenails, my tattoos, good poetry, erin mckeown, edie carey, mp3s, beautiful bed linens, scarves, comfy futons, the scent of ginger, tom's of maine toothpaste, my rhinestone sunglasses, drinking out of old jars and bottles, being from ohio, friendster, hot fudge sundaes, my stuffed monkey, bags and purses, good second day hair, baking bread, ginger-mango lip balm, letterpress, typesetting, handmade books, rem koolhaas, bill bamberger's documentary photography, throwing around academic jargon, slang, my writing workshop, my workshop instructor, tulips, paperwhites, fresh herb gardens, chai concentrate, making granola, riding my bicycle, reading, independent bookstores, my catholic school past, quaker meeting, warm challah, the moment between striking the match and lighting the candle, making out, having a job, laughing a lot, making people laugh, mod podge, rubber alphabet stamps, fountain pens, european stationery products, having your laundry sent out, cardigans, legwarmers, striped socks, the rural studio, samuel mockbee, architectural monographs, danny gregory, the honor snack box, winter sunlight, 24-hour kinko's stores, re-using my coffee mug instead of asking for paper cups, susan orlean's character sketches, chisel-tip sharpies, prismacolor pencils, club soda with ice and lemon, happiness, my collarbones

eta: this is a long fuckin' list, sorry.

By lostin1derland On 02/21/04  

Ok I'm trying not to read everyone else's lists and copy but its hard...

down comforters, j.d. salinger, salvador dali, short necked giraffes, grass jelly juice (talking about grass jelly juice), 5th wisdom tooth, marc jacobs, lost in translation, late nights, chai, 1/4 birthdays, knitting/ shiskabob/ ken parties, dutch blitz, candy necklaces, the shins, making gifts, my friends red mini, blowing bubbles, running, johnny depp, scottish accents, 60 degree february days, oil paint, painted toenails, track sweatpants, french movies, the pixies, soft yarn, fast computers, organic food stores, used bookstores, record stores, carytown, disorganization, being lost but having nowhere you have to be, the stars, mangos, huge earings, long free phone calls, cinnamin gum, finding old letters, mascara, mission trips, hot showers, love, spring, finding something amazing while thrifting, alice in wonderland popup book, ralph steadman, In America, developing photos, cucco clocks, apples, peppermint ice cream, silver shoes, suprise guests, the clash, ballet slippers, farms, quiet coffee shops, markets, haircuts, vietnamese food, Gilmore Girls, good hair days, Jon Stewart, Conan O'Brien, twisty straws, middle names, clear skin, jack kerouac, 100 years of solitude, sketchbooks, chocolate

i love this topic a little too much

By Elf_Chick On 02/21/04  

standup comedy
faberge eggs
old houses
oddball antiques (ones that aren't really worth anything, they're just cool looking)
old photos
weird Americana/pop culture of the past
Big Boy restaurants
painting without any particular technique in mind
crossword puzzles
tiny things (i have all kinds of weird little things: tiny notebooks, tiny colored pencil set, tiny copper pots smaller than the tip of my little finger. when i go to the beach i always take away the most microscopic shells i can find...)
making friends presents
a bunch of blankets on my bed
clove and teaberry gum
night sky
learning new trivial information
arthurian mythology
japanese culture and history
Anne Boleyn
feeling rested
people's collarbones, throats and wrists
Whole Foods Market
pale blue and green
green apples
amber rings
big parks (not little suburban ones)
my college town
luxuriant clutter
talking on the phone to friends
my extended family
cider mills
steel guitars
wheat pennies

i'm sure i can go on...

By boxless On 02/21/04  

I love reading these! Keep it up, girls :).

By Kit-Kat On 02/21/04  

-heavy eye makeup
-ripped up jeans
-magic mushrooms
-old man sweaters
-days off school
-thinking of going to Europe in a year
-haning out with my boy
-doing other peoples mending
-combat boots
-being naked
-being in love
-russ meyers movies
-posts that let you make lists :)

By Vikarious On 02/22/04  

I love lots of stuff and would hate to make a list and leave something off, so...

I love falling asleep on my couch with the tv and lights on, in my clothes and shoes, super uncomfortable like....and then waking up at like 2am and going to bed.

Bed feels the best then.


By KittyFishsticks On 02/22/04  

light blue and chocolate brown
glass bottles with old-fashioned labels
money trees (the plant, not the annoying check-cashing place)
old dictionary illustrations
maps (especially topographic)
catching people smiling when they don't think anyone is watching
obsidian stout beer
sheer red lip gloss
titling an essay and including a colon in the title
pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream
making mix tapes for my friendboy
getting mail
ballet slippers
dark chocolate
when the cherry trees on campus bloom then lose their blossoms (looks like snow!)
some people's laughs
having guilty pleasures (mine is watching average joe...and the oc) and not feeling guilty
grape nuts w/ soy milk, brown sugar, and honey
having a secret crush on someone and checking them out while they are none the wiser :)
slight lisps
laser jet prints
pantone color sample packs
mailing tubes
running into someone you have been wanting to see or haven't seen in a long time
rum and cokes
tiny manila envelopes (ok, tiny things in general)
getting home and seeing the red blinking light on my caller id that means someone called

I'm sure there are so many more! Some of you have some really good stuff on your lists. Great thread by the way.


By quietriot On 02/22/04  

letters,journals,late night phone calls that last for hours, falling asleep with the lights or the tv or the radio on or on the couch, sleep in general, ink stains, being in library school, thrift stores, old cookbooks, black and white photography, found objects, postcards, glitter, livejournal, salon, the internet, shockwave's daily jigsaw, crossword puzzles, where the wild things are, inde rock (esp. 90s era), trains, strawberries, string cheese, uniball pens, the alphabet, typography, used book stores, used record stores, thumbtacks, comic books, zines, pepsi, the gilmore girls, law and order, knitting, office supply stores, the moon, the ocean, stars, shadows, reese's peanut butter cups, pocky, pillows, falling asleep next to someone you love, stripey socks, my mary janes that are falling apart, this american life, antiques road show, walking, urban settings, bridges, coffee, wind, lighthouses, beer, books, libraries, mowing the lawn, picnic tables, when a boy's hair falls into his eyes, kitsch, organizing, fresh laundry, cool sheets, automats, hard-boiled detective stories, lots of authors, hardwood floors, porches, blue, loteria cards, going to the post office, swiss army knives, pretty lingerie, mixtapes, boys who play guitar, stained glass windows, sea glass, carmex, pepsi, chicken salad on an everything bagel, cartoons, carr's table water crackers, ice cream, justin.

By stanny On 02/22/04  

In no particular order:

my cats, my family, museums, brand-new books (with that great smell!), sandals, red toenails, strawberry margaritas and mojitos, especially in the late afternoon on a hot summer day, hot crispy cremes, total silence, challah, kugel, planning a program that goes smashingly, blogging, reading other people's blogs, laughing, making other people laugh, being nice for no reason, bluegrass or folk music, really good covers, brand-new or else very soft sheets, new underwear, my favorite skirt, my sister, a really good bottle of red wine or else finding a really good bottle for a really low price, spring, the first few days of summer, Jerusalem, the desert, Italy, Tuscan poppies...

By kittyroc On 02/22/04  

This looks fun ^_^

I love my kids, my husband, art, creating art, fanfiction, writing, autumn, collecting comics, reading, watching home decorating programs, cookbooks, patterned socks, freshly cleaned bedding, sleeping in, hanging out with my mom, getting mail from my penpal, singing, listening to my favorite music, the colors blue, black, pink and olive green, anime, DragonballZ, photography, spiders, paper! Anything paper, giving gifts, collecting action figures, shopping for clothes, especially clearance, birthday cake, playing a great video game, hearing my daughter learn new words (most recent: "basketball"), having a job, a pizza dinner, coffee and biscotti, Vegeta, my dogs neko and bear, Sesshoumaru, fanart, lowcut chucks, my glasses, ice cream sundaes, watching caroons. And many more...!

By topazdebutante On 02/22/04  

I loved, fresh brewed iced tea, especially tropical,"porch" cats, in n out's grilled cheese,bulletin boards, little wood boxes, my car, import racing, real simple magazine, trader joe's cat cookies, colby monterey jack cheese,mix cds, pachbel's cannon, cupcakes, pac man, montana in summer, the bech, snowmobiling, big trucks, mocha's that are just the right temperature,the fashion district in L.A., roadtrips with sorority sistes,chicken salad,going to basketball games,dark dark red color, rainy days, madeline cookies..fun I could even add more..

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